Advertise your property abroad, the secrets to finding buyers

Advertise your property abroad, the secrets to finding buyers

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There are many foreigners who search daily online for a beautiful property to buy in Italy. How is it possible to be able to promote a property and get noticed abroad as well as on the internet when there is a myriad of information out there on the net on a daily basis?

The Great Estate Real Estate Group for several years now, has been focused on the international market by partnering with many real estate agencies, magazines and real estate industry portals, and for this reason, can now offer the opportunity to enter their property in a relevant international circuit.

The Great Estate real estate group decided to launch marketing plans for their clients, these are aimed with the best advertising possible for the property for sale and to suit clients’ particular needs. The client, wisely guided by a team of professionals, has a choice of three different plans that provide visibility in Italy as well as internationally.

The basic package, for example, aims at 10,000 views per year and includes a professional photo shoot, with the creation of a video clip in English, the translation of the property particulars in English, Russian, German, Dutch and French plus IT research and analysis for the advertising campaign. This means that a team of experts will analyze the keywords searched by the public for better indexing of the property page, when an ad words campaign will be carried out as well as a web homepage and a video of the property.

In addition, the property will be added to all international portals with Great Estate Real Estate Group. Some properties will possess particular features sought by the Russian market, and for this reason the “Russia Package” was created. This has a target of 36,000 viewings annually and, in addition to the basic package, offers the opportunity to see the property included in featured Russian portals, indexing with more details with key words in the Russian language. All of course carefully checked by a professional team of native

Russian speakers. For those who want to sell a prestigious property in the shortest possible time, the “International Gold Package” was created, which brings 75,000 viewings per year. With this marketing plan, in addition to the basic package, there will also be an inclusion of the property in a showcase of international agencies and portals, with specifically analyzed keywords to be included in all languages. This is in addition to running ad word campaigns and having advice of an IT consultant for updating keywords in different languages. With both the “Gold Package” and “Russia Package”, property brochures are sent to various partner agencies worldwide.

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