Interview with Dr. Federico Turturiello

Interview with Dr. Federico Turturiello

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Federico Turturiello
We interview Federico who, in only a few months, has been helping with the research for The Best Price project.

Can you tell us a little about your academic and professional background?

I graduated from University in architecture and building production about a year ago, after which I continued my education by enrolling in a specialized build management course which I am continuing to do and hope to complete in 2016.

We know that you have been helping Great Estate in the creation of this The Best Price project. How and when did this partnership begin?

It all started thanks to an article I read in a noted farmhouse magazine where the Great Estate Group were praised for its professionalism and its significant goals it has achieved in recent years. I was looking for an internship and so I contacted Stefano Petri, CEO of Great Estate, who told me about the The Best Price project. This was a project based on university studies and methodologies for assessing property that I myself had studied, albeit in a less statistical way, during my degree course.

Why did you accept this challenge?

Because, apart from Stefano Petri and his group’s great professionalism, having the opportunity to participate and experience the project’s development first hand, albeit in a small way, is really important to me and my own development. This project I believe is really crucial for the Italian property market.

Can you tell us about the two days in Cagliari?

The two days in Cagliari, as well as being obviously very pleasant touristically speaking, thanks to my fellow companions and location that was unquestionably impressive, it actually turned out to be crucial for the project’s subsequent implementation and guideline definition for the coming weeks in order to achieve its objectives.
From a training point of view, the two days were very interesting for me as I had the opportunity to attend the debates on development strategies between the Group’s main consultants. I feel very privileged to have had the Cagliari experience which has confirmed the magnitude of this important challenge to me.

How is your experience with the Great Estate Group so far?

It is going really well and I’m very lucky to be able to learn from very professional people who have decades of experience just like Stefano Petri. I hope this cooperation will continue even after my training has ended and hope to achieve great results together!

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