An opened window on the light blue sea of Tuscany, Casale Bellevue

An opened window on the light blue sea of Tuscany, Casale Bellevue

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In San Vincenzo, Tuscany, along the beautiful Costa Degli Etruschi, we are going to discover an amazing farmhouse overlooking the sea.

What a better way to start your day than looking out the window of your bedroom and enjoying an amazing view on the sea? This opportunity will become true by living in “Casale Bellevue” (click here to see the property), a charming residence immersed in a luxuriant park and located on a panoramic hill a few minutes away from the most famous Costa Degli Etruschi destinations. This Tuscan coast takes its name from the different Etruscan necropolis discovered between the Baratti Gulf and Populonia. Its flora, colours and beauty – as, for example, the one of the San Vincenzo beach – will fascinate you. From the sea to the hinterland, the “Casale Bellevue” location allows you to go to the discovery of traditional hamlets dating back to the Middle Age as Populonia, as well as to the amazing thermal baths of Venturina and the many vineyards and rolling hills of the area. 

It is hard to describe all the splendours around this farmhouse in words. Just by opening its windows, indeed, it offers you an incredible view on the sea.

Words, even if evocative, can not communicate the right authenticity and beauty of “Casale Bellevue” location. So, if you are looking for a home in a walk distance from the sea, with privacy but not too isolated and in order to organize a visit, we suggest to contact our head office or to watch the amazing property video here.

Discover all the details about “Casale Bellevue” on our website!

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