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David Parish, coordinator for Marche & international property consultant is talking about the last sale which was done a few days ago and about the market of his responsibility in general.

The last sale was done in a record period of time in the municipality of San Severino Marche, area of Marche, located about an hour from the sea but close to major highways and airports. The buyers, Italian clients, came through link (|Great Estate); they did one visit with our agent Bianca Zampaloni and the next day they signed the offer; in fact we were very quick to solve bureaucratic problems relating with permits and certificates.

The property of 1200 sqm consists of 9 houses and a church. The first house of 300 sqm is completely renovated and ready to live. The others eight buildings are partially restored. The property includes 3 ha of land with many olive trees. The initial price was 495,000 but the negotiation ended with 420,000 €.

As for the general trend of the market I am very pleased, because both in July and in August there were many visits and now we are just reaping the benefits of our work.
Also several negotiations are in process, two of which have been already signed and accepted: for example

an apartment in link : Ascoli Piceno in the city and one in Recanati in the countryside. The clients are mainly international: Swiss, French, Hungarian buyers are looking for properties with a price range between € 300,000 and € 400,000, there are some demands around € 600,000 – € 700,000 for accommodation.

Finally, we are focusing more on
rendering to present our property in impeccable manner; our numerous collaborations with architects who offers really innovative projects at reasonable prices. Such initiative goes well with a purchase application in the growing area of Marche: in fact this region becomes more interesting for international tourists, comparing with the year 2014. We have very positive expectation for the future both in terms of the number of tourists and in period of their staying in the region.

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