Buying a winery in Tuscany. The secret of a right choice.

Buying a winery in Tuscany. The secret of a right choice.

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To leave everything and dedicate your life to land – it is a dream of many people. It is very popular to produce something of a great quality like Italian wine, for example. That is why we can understand that it is not difficult to find people interested in buying wineries. But choosing the right one, if you are not very experienced in this field, sometimes is not a simple decision. For this reason Great Estate Group decided to set off one of its sectors for investments in a person who is a competent professional, able to help buyers, to give them an advice. This person is Michele Bean, a wine consultant and an agronomist.

The project has started with a strong ambition in this area which requires a lot of experience considering a high demand especially of foreign clients. An extraordinary lifestyle conduces to the buying a farm or a winery in particular, and of course, such life is full of emotions. It relates to many clients with various demands but Great Estate Group wants to provide all of them with professional support from all points of view.

On the one hand, we have an experienced and human real estate group that specializes on the luxury real estate market, works with international clients and has a deal with various dynamics that can take place. On the other hand, there is Michael Bean with a big experience, able to evaluate a farm from many other points of view, thus offering a unique service. To sum up, the Great Estate Group guarantees results reached with a well-tested method which is based on professionalism and fairness.

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