The Russians buying wineries in Tuscany with great marketing and pr in this specific market.

The Russians buying wineries in Tuscany with great marketing and pr in this specific market.

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Another sale for the Great Estate Group and this time we were able to sell a winery to Russian clients.

The specialist wineries sector within the Great Estate Group was established only a few months ago (Read the article by Michele Bean) and through the effective marketing of a winery in the Chianti Classico area has resulted in the first big sale to Russian clients.

We have been dealing with these clients for about six months and with the establishment of a specific sector for the management of wineries it was easy to find the right wine company for these Russian clients. So says Yaroslav Popov who is one of the four native Russians within the Great Estate Group. Deals of this type are mainly from international and Russian clients, in particular, are some who are most eager in their search for agricultural winery businesses in Tuscany.

Why the Great Estate Group? Well, says its CEO, we are proud of the results and we are increasingly convinced that our way of working, with clients that are sometimes perceived to be inflexible, is the only method that will get results and allow us to achieve our goal.

Our method is based essentially on offering businesses or property at a fair market value that is within an achievable market price range for potential clients. We then ask our sellers to share in our great advertising efforts. We have various tools to analyse various advertising options and by building client trust as well as our professional knowledge we then aim to sell the property at the best possible market price.

Our Russian networks are, on a daily basis, continually searching for certain types of property:

Wineries in Italy – classic budget of 5 million to 10 million Euros but they can also be higher.

Perfectly restored villas close to major cities such as Florence, Rome and Milan with all services and amenities at hand

Luxury apartments located in central areas of the cities of Florence, Rome and Milan.

Villas and apartments by the sea preferably in Tuscany and Liguria.

If you have a property for sale that is similar to those described then please contact us, we will be more than happy to help you understand how to sell a property to Russian clients.

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