How do wineries promote and publicise wine ‘BeSharable’ analyzes the market

How do wineries promote and publicise wine ‘BeSharable’ analyzes the market

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BeSharable’, an agency with an emphasis on social media, conducted a survey on 3,439 wineries, which led to a 10 point guide on how to promote wine today. The research sought to identify the relationship between the world of Italian wine and new means of communication which highlighted a fragmented picture. A picture of an entrepreneur who has difficulty in effectively communicating what they do and what they are capable of doing, failing to promote the “Prodotto Paese” (Italian products) abroad. There has, however, been, some positive signs.

A ten point guide has been produced, see link: ( BeSharable aims to offer some concrete ideas to owners and managers in the wine industry on how to be more “visible” and “shareable” helping in the promotion of one of the excellent products of the Made in Italy campaign, especially in view of the Expo Milano exhibition to take place in 2015.

Riccardo Cotarella, President of the Association of wine producers, said: “Wine today is a product that has increased in revenue and GDP and this is why it’s important to know the culture that characterizes it. With the rise of the internet, the market today, has more informed consumers who look and buy wine on the internet. It is within this world of ecommerce that wine is increasingly found. Promotion works when it is supported by an informed and passionate winery owner, wine that has been enthusiastically developed by new generations so that, together, they have a past and a future to share and tell.”

It is therefore important to have a presence on the internet and this has been proved by research that saw companies who used the internet proactively in recent years grow quicker, reached a more international clientele and employed more people. E-commerce, for example, an online sales tool that is open 24 hours, begins to record some interesting facts: 43% of the studied wine businesses also sold its products online, 36% would like to start, while 21% said they were not interested. This is a communication network tool that has plenty of potential, in the next few months, at a general level; it is expected to have an increase of 17% with a value at 13.2 billion Euros, with an increase of 5.2% for the Made in Italy food and wine sector.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Vice President of the National Asso. Of Women for Wine argued that: “BeSharable’ shows us how the internet is a “relationship factory’ that develops awareness and loyalty; the wine business, in other words teaches us to turn customers into deeply involved enthusiasts sharing and producing information about individual wines and their wineries.”

And Davide Macchia, CEO of BeSharable, concludes that: “Wine companies, from the micro family business to the big exporting companies, are faced with the inevitable that is the #Vinodigitale revolution, a 21st century opportunity, especially one that produces excellence that cannot be missed.”

Interesting advice and tips for those who have, or want to open a winery!

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