Selling a newly built villa to Russian clients in San Casciano dei Bagni, Tuscany

Selling a newly built villa to Russian clients in San Casciano dei Bagni, Tuscany

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Today, we interview Roberto Biggera, the International Sales Co-Ordinator responsible for the management of the property sale, as well as supervising the sale for both the Construction Company and the buyer.

Roberto, can you tell us the type of property that you are selling?

It is a beautiful newly built semi-detached Villa within the Focaiole Alta residential property development in San Casciano dei Bagni. The location of the Villa and the entire residential development is charming, with a panorama view across the lovely valley, a beautiful view of the Fonteverde spa, Mount Amiata, and the historic towns of Celle sul Rigo and Radicofani. In particular, the famous Fonteverde Spa is only 500 metres away from the property and is within walking distance. It has a prominent panorama with a magnificent south/west sunny exposure that allows you to make the most of sunny days that offer breathtaking views of the landscape.

How did you convince the Construction Company to entrust the sale to you and the Great Estate Group?

I’m sure that what had attracted the sellers to choose our real estate agency for the sale of their properties was our great ability to attract foreign buyers and our truly professional approach. Our group has an international visibility on the internet as well as other communication tools today that are second to none. Thanks to this visibility, any type of international client can contact us any time and we can encourage them to buy their dream property in our beautiful country. This then complements the Construction Company which has an important residential property development to sell. They have chosen a structured International Marketing Plan that always allows for visibility in the first top positions of the various internet search engines which really makes a difference today.

How was the sale negotiated? Were there any particular challenges?

The negotiations were very direct because the entire process from the beginning was based on the utmost transparency and professionalism. Obviously it is not easy to secure a successful purchase offer with a foreign client, then a preliminary contract of sale for a villa that is still to be built. There are plenty of issues to address, explain and specify in detail. From the securing of the approval of the bureaucratic processes, to the final contract with all the various clauses that is a guarantee for both parties but especially for the buyer so that they were 100% committed to a beautiful and interesting residential development yet aware of potential difficulties. I say potential because in the end everything went as planned through a great team effort by our real estate agency and Construction Company. They had done an incredible job in terms of quality and timing as well as the technical and design aspects which also played a very important role.

How did the Russian clients contact you? And were they satisfied with the service offered?

The Russian clients contacted us via the internet after seeing an advert on our website. The clients knew San Casciano dei Bagni since they had previously been there on holiday at its spa and realized that this type of property could perhaps be right for them. From there, we began a long correspondence via e-mail and then we met in person to revisit the property development and the subsequent signing of the preliminary contract of sale. Obviously our task is to supervise and guide, not only with the completed preliminary contract, but to continue right through until the signing of the notary deed of sale. In particular, I have always supervised the entire process (building work and so on) sticking to the buyers like glue being the negotiator between the buyer and seller, up to the time when the deed of sale is signed, ensuring the work is both paid for and carried out correctly.

What does the finished villa look like?

The Villa today is a great mix of tradition and modernity. Externally the property has a stone facade with some parts in rough plaster while the porches and pergolas fit perfectly within the property. The villa has been built using the latest techniques with an ‘A’ energy classification in its insulation and other installation systems. The chosen interior design is also a mix of tradition and modernity using materials such as terracotta, parquet wooden flooring and elegant travertine. The garden is truly splendid and perfectly compliments the property. I would say that the finished result perhaps went beyond expectations; it really is a luxury property in a dream location.

Would you recommend this purchase to other clients?

Absolutely! I sincerely hope that other clients will fall in love with this Alta Focaiole residential property development because the finished result is truly spectacular!

Focaiole Alta – Codes vsge001323vsge001324vsge001325 – Prices from € 320.000 to € 540.000

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