The Great Estate Group and chinese wine lovers.The Italian Vines speak Chinese

The Great Estate Group and chinese wine lovers.The Italian Vines speak Chinese

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Over the last decade, Italy has conquered new markets thanks to the elite “Made in Italy” products which have become a favourite of new economic powers like China.

Italy’s knowledge of the Chinese market in a tourism and luxury shopping standpoint, has consequently led to the development of a growing demand for property. The Great Estate Group has been ready to respond with property offers that match their expectations and demands.

The Chinese buyer, who is interested in the Italian real estate market and in particular the Great Estate Group, is usually an entrepreneur looking for ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing companies, and very often these are winery businesses.

Results of research conducted by Vinexpo and IWSR, International Wine and Spirits Research, state that, China 2016 is set to become one of the leading countries for wine consumption. The statistics speak for themselves: in less than three years, exports are projected to grow by 40%. And in less than a decade, China will be the first market in the world with over 300 million consumers. So in the wake of this trend, Chinese entrepreneurs have begun to show interest in the winery property market.

Being experts in wine, when they make contact with the Great Estate Group, they want very detailed property information, such as the type of wines already being produced, volume of production, quality of the wine (if the wines have a “rating”), if the vineyard area could be expanded, and so on.

Even before they visit, the Chinese want detailed and specific information on the properties and the Great Estate Group is able to provide and meet the demands of this new market, thanks to the attention given to our professional work. We know very well that the documentation we request during an acquisition phase is unusual, but ours is a complete consultancy service; with detailed analyzing, primarily in all aspects of the property’s marketability.

Our professionalism was certainly one of the reasons that strongly affected the completion of the agreement with Kire-Konosko International Real Estate which has allowed us to break into this important new market.

The partnership between the Great Estate Group and KireKonosko International Real Estate and the subsequent collaboration between highly qualified and vastly experienced personnel has, after only a few months, allowed for the achievement of important goals!

It is with great pride that we accompany our new Chinese clients in discovering important companies and wineries that are part of our property database.

Here are some examples of agricultural businesses for sale




Edited by Valentina Fabbrizzi and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett

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