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ANSWERING MARIA CHIAPPA AND ENRICO CAREVAGGINI, THE OWNERS OF A PRESTIGIOUS PROPERTY IN SAN VINCENZO Our families are originally from Bergamo and one of the main reasons of our investment and subsequent transfer in this area is the territory where

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Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Shaked, clients of Great Estate and owners of a beautiful farmhouse in Cetona in the province of Siena

“Could you tell us about your new web-site? What’s the main topic? We are going to run cooking classes at our farmhouse “Le Contesse”. Leads by local chefs from the area. These days we are working on our web site.


Where have you found Great Estate? When did you have the first contact? We found the Great Estate group online in January 2015. What type of property have you bought? We bought a semi-detached, single storey house with three bedrooms

Interview with Massimiliano Manca, a client of dr. Antonio Anile

How long has the property been on the market? The property has been on sale for a few weeks with the Great Estate. I had previously tried to sell with other real estate agencies but with no positive feedback. The

Interview with Harvey and Anne Green.Australian clients purchase a prestigious apartment in Orvieto

We met Anne and Harvey Green an Australian couple that purchase a beautiful apartment in Orvieto, Umbria, with Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group. Why did you choose to buy a property in Italy? We wanted an apartment in

Interview with Sam and Marian Duggan

“How did you find Great Estate and when did you have the first contact? The first contact was with the agency in San Casciano dei Bagni where we saw the property in the Great Estate agent window, and we contacted

Alexander Barinov, an old client of great estate discusses his innovative start up project in Italy with ilSole24ore

In 2012 the Italian government initiated a policy to increase foreign investment in Italy with the launch of the Italian Startup Visa project. This encourages the launch of new foreign companies in Italy which, in turn, brings foreign capital into

Interview with Tony Sizer, now owner of a beautiful property in Umbria

Interview with Tony Sizer, now owner of a beautiful property in Umbria bought through Great Estate Immobiliare “Where have you found the Great Estate Group? When did you have the first contact? We found The Great Estate Group when they

Great Estate sells a lovely renovated apartment in a historic centre in Umbria

Today we interview Mr. Tamir Kobrin who turned to the Great Estate Group for the purchase of his new apartment in Città Della Pieve, (Pg) Umbria. “How did you know Great Estate Group? Research “It was hard to find your

Forghieri, the engineer, Villa Carbonieri and F1

Villa Carbonieri could only be best described by its owner, the engineer, Mauro Forghieri, well known Italian personality from the world of Formula 1. Forghieri is best known for the design of Ferrari engines, as well as Lamborghini and Bugatti.


Today we interview Mr. PIERPAOLO GIACOMELLO just a few days after the Great Estate Group completed the sale of his beautiful farmhouse in PACIANO Umbria. “How did you hear about the Great Estate Group? I frequently go to Cetona and

The Great Estate Group sells one of the most beautiful farmhouse in Umbria.Interview with Ms. Ulrike Hangartner

Today, we interview Ms. Ulrike Hangartner who used the ROMANAS Real Estate Agency of Dr. Riccardo Luculli, partner of the Great Estate Group, for the sale of her beautiful farmhouse located in a natural terrace above Lake Trasimeno in Montecolognola,

Interview with Van Keilegom who tell us his beautiful farmhouse

Alessandra Conforti We interview Mr. Robert Van Keilegom, owner of a beautiful farmhouse in Umbria, for sale with Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group. Nestled within the hills of Umbria, with a panoramic view of nearby Tuscany,the farmhouse is

The Great Estate Group sells a “gioiello di casale” a”Piccolo Gioiello”; this is not only the name that’s on the door, but a jewel of a farmhouse on the tuscan umbrian border.

Interview with Silvia Tarparelli, the property’s owner. Today we interview Silvia Tarparelli who instructed the Great Estate Group to sell her beautiful farmhouse only a few days ago in the charming village of Parrano in the province of Terni in

Two Americans in Cetona – How to buy an apartment in Tuscany

Often the purchase of a property is “love at first sight”, when we see it, something just clicks and we know instantly that this is exactly what we want. That was probably the case for two American professors who, already

Interview with Renato Nannotti the owner of a luxury farmhouse for sale in Umbria

Edited by Alessandra Conforti “Borgo delle Grazie” is a unique investment; an agricultural farming business with a luxury tourist accommodation business as well, in a central area that is ideal as an excellent starting point to visit the most beautiful

Interview with the owner of Fontefaggio farmhouse in Umbria

Interview with Mr. Eric Bauchau, now owner of a beautiful property in Umbria, north of Perugia – Casale Fontefaggio – bought through Via dei Colli immobiliare, partner agent of Great Estate Group. “Mr. Bauchau, how did you find Via dei

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