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The ideal home for British and Americans? We reveal all the details

Discover with us the 5 features most requested by the English-speaking buyer market for the purchase of a prestigious property in Italy. It may seem obvious, but British and American clients adore the sun, history, culture and food and wine

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Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Anna Marchettini

We present the head of Great Estate’s administrative department: Anna Marchettini.

Are you about to purchase the home of your dreams? Read our cost guide.

You have finally found your dream home and it’s time to purchase it. A brief guide on the various expenses to take into account.

Prepare your home for the perfect visit: Great Estate’s recommendations

We reveal 6 valuable tips to better prepare your home for visits from potential buyers.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Marianna Gaiotto

Let’s get to know Marianna Gaiotto better, a young professional of Great Estate: from the beginning as head of the group’s back office, to the management of international buyer clients.

Selling or purchasing a property with Great Estate: the best choice

The analysis conducted by REOPLA, also taken by Il Sole 24, shows that agencies sell properties in half the time compared to private individuals.

The Best Price: six years of confirmation

The extraordinary evolution of the system designed by Great Estate to compile the best evaluation of your property.

Great Estate: Guest of the 5th Bimota Classic Parts International Gathering

On April 22nd, Great Estate was a guest at the 5th Bimota Classic Parts International Gathering, a two-day event, tour and show in Chiusi and in the most beautiful areas of our territory.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Suzanne Van Ravenstein

Today we will get to know better our international consultant, Suzanne Van Ravenstein, a professional of the Great Estate group for over 10 years.

The fundamental importance of a property Due Diligence during a negotiation

Surveyor Alessandro Giulianelli, service partner of G.E., dives into the issue related to the procedure of the Due Diligence of a property.

The sale of Il Giardino Con Vista: The satisfaction of Chiara Pompili

The sale of “Il Giardino Con Vista” tells the story of a family made happy thanks to the professionalism of our consultant Chiara Pompili.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Antonella Compagnucci

Today we will get to know Antonella Compagnucci, International Property Consultant of the Great Estate office in Spoleto.

Make the most of your home, to create a lasting first impression: the advice of Great Estate’s home stager

Barbara Medici, Great Estate consultant and professional home stager, reveals 7 valuable tips to make the most of your home.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Nicolò Cordone

Today we meet international consultant Nicolò Cordone who reveals the advantages of the Property Finder contract.


Great Estate continues to grow in the Orvieto area, with the opening of its second office in the historic heart of the city.

The Antica Canonica: An Enchanting Ancient And Contemporary History

The history of “L’Antica Canonica”: an ancient monastery and then residence of illustrious people, immersed in the quiet countryside of Todi.


Miriam Valachová and Peter Majling tell us about the recent partnership signed with Great Estate, which will bring new purchasing clients from Slovakia and the Czech Republic into the group. With the new year, a new ambitious project of the