Great Estate awarded among the best agencies in Tuscany

Great Estate awarded among the best agencies in Tuscany

Great Estate Network Feb 22, 2024 No Comments

The Great Estate group has been awarded as the third best real estate agency in Tuscany in the Top Agency Tuscany ranking compiled by Wikicasa.

In the beautiful setting of the city of Florence, on February 21, 2024, was held the awarding of the best real estate agencies in Tuscany according to Wikicasa, a prop tech reality that collects and distributes real estate information online.

We are honored to announce the achievement of an important milestone for the Great Estate group, which has been awarded as the third best agency.

“Top Agency Tuscany,” a ranking of the best real estate agencies in Tuscany, aims to identify and recognize excellence in the Tuscany region. Among the listed agencies, there are prestigious realities, each with its own distinctive style and significant impact on the Tuscan real estate market, ordered by 2022 revenue results.

The prestigious award was collected by CEO Stefano Petri, with a delegation from the network, commenting:

“The major players in the market are doing and planning what Great Estate has been developing for years, this important benchmark confirmed that we are on the right path.”

The awards ceremony was also an opportunity for debate in which the CEO of Great Estate spoke as a panelist at a roundtable involving some of the most prominent local industry professionals. The focus of the roundtable was the future of Real Estate in Tuscany, including trends, changes and innovation, particularly on the role of the real estate agent and the future of the profession, also considering the developments in artificial intelligence.

“There were a number of interesting considerations and various insights that have confirmed to us that aggregation of more agencies and digitization of processes, combined with an increasingly structured academy, are definitely the assets on which to continue to invest, also for the differentiation of services and business units,”,

concludes Stefano Petri.

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