Emanuela Miani: Casale Torregentile, love at first sight

Emanuela Miani: Casale Torregentile, love at first sight

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Emanuela Miani tells us about “Casale Torregentile” as its ex-owner. The property, thanks to the collaboration of Great Estate, has been sold to a Luxemburg couple last August.

Torregentile (click here to discover it) was what had remained of a small ruined house and some annexes but, for me, it was love at first sight. 

The history started with an unexpected visit of some years ago, in 2011, to a small ruined and abandoned farmhouse surrounded by nature. By following the principles of some oriental philosophies and by selecting charming materials, two years of planning have started. Large openings aimed to light the property up have been created.

My “purpose” was the one of make friends and relatives feel at home.. and we did it!

After a detailed design study, the furnishing was intentionally simple and of soft tones. So, nothing left to chance.

In 2013, the ugly duckling became so an amazing 450 sqm property.

My first will was to live the farmhouse for a while and then to sell it. So, last January, many agencies visited my home. Great Estate reached the sale objective in a very short time: my “friend/trusted real estate agent”, Stefano Calafà, the CEO of Via Dei Colli Immobiliare, an Umbrian GEP partner agency, and Roberto Biggera, the GE International Sales Co-Ordinator, by working until late hours, closed the negotiation in less than a week.

I could collaborate with a professionals’ team whose strength is the team working and who always focus on the clients’ needs.. a detail not to be underestimated!

Thank you, guys!

Emanuela Miani

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