Mr. and Mrs. Calandra: from the collaboration with Great Estate started a friendship

Mr. and Mrs. Calandra: from the collaboration with Great Estate started a friendship

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As you have probably read in our latest articles, with the end of summer 2018, the sale of the Il Piccolo Mulino farmhouse in Cetona closed too. After Stefano Petri, the GE CEO who, in this specific case, managed the vendors, we met Mr. and Mrs. Calandra too. They told us their experience with our Group

Good morning Mrs. Stefania and Mr. Piero, thank you for the time you granted us. Could you please tell us something about you, what are you doing in everyday life?

After finishing my working life, I have started to deal with some businesses linked to the service sector and to the social marketing – Stefania says –. Piero, instead, teaches at the University and devoted in writing books.

How long have you been the owners of the charming farmhouse “Il Piccolo Mulino”?
When did you buy it? What did you charm and impress you the most? Do you have some story to tell us?

We bought the farmhouse in 1991. Since the first visit, we have been very impressed by both the secluded and romantic atmosphere of the location, the sound of the small stream and the dense vegetation. Our only regret is that, once the renovation was completed, the lovely couple of squirrels disappeared from the surrounding trees as well as the birds of the night, which became the owners of the inhabited place.

What did having a farmhouse in Tuscany mean to you? And what about having it in the countryside of Cetona?Would you suggest to other people these areas to make this kind of investment?

“Il Piccolo Mulino location is perfect, since it is in a strategic point for trips in Tuscany and Lazio. From here, you can easily reach the beautiful Chiusi lake full of water lilies.

Furthermore, close to the farmhouse, there are many thermal areas and spas; railways and highway are within a stone’s throw, as well as notable artistic sites such as Pienza, Cortona, and Perugia (less than one hour by car).”

Would you like to share with us the reasons why you decided to sell the property?

Honestly, after having owned a farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside, we chose to be more closed to the sea, but obviously always in Tuscany.

Talking about the collaboration with Great Estate, how did you discover the agency? When did you start collaborating with it?

The collaboration with GE started three years ago. In the course of time, it led to a friendship with a great mutual trust.

During a negotiation, some technical, mortgage and fiscal aspects may somehow play a fundamental role on the positive result of the deal. Did you experience difficulties with these kinds of aspects with Great Estate? Which sort of support and assistance did you receive from the Group during all the negotiation process?

The Group gave us an excellent support and assistance both in technical, legal, and relational aspects. We would underline also the very modern methods of advertising developed used by Great Estate.

How did you get to know with the new owners?

We didn’t directly meet them, we know each other only through their representative.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of Great Estate? Compared with its competitors, what do you think the Group is able to offer in a different way?

The advertising offer is the most advanced in terms of quality that we have ever known. To submit the offer, the group operates with several and consolidated channels of international relations and advanced technological tools, such as the drone feeds. We would also like to underline that the tools that GE uses for the sellers are the best ones we ever experienced.

Would you like to tell us your experience with Stefano Petri in a nutshell?

As we already said, the relationship with the CEO of the Group has shortly changed from strictly professional to a kind friendship. The respect and the sympathy that characterize Stefano himself are undeniable from us. He is always ready to clarify, with realism and knowledge, every aspect of market situation.

In conclusion, would you suggest to contact Great Estate professionals to people who want to sell their luxury property?

We have already recommended your Group to some friends of us, illustrating them the reasons why we prefer it than other real estate professionals.

A big thank you Mr. Piero and Mrs. Stefania Calandra!

This property has been successfully sold.

To find out the final sale value or search for other similar properties, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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