Great Estate Multimedia Productions: Meet the team

Great Estate Multimedia Productions: Meet the team

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High quality professional photography and video services are essential to best present a property for sale and win over buyers at first glance. This is the specialization of Great Estate’s multimedia production department.

The quality of the photos and the perfectly curated presentation of a property is the first fundamental step to capture the attention of potential clients and consequently, sell a property quickly and profitably.

Thanks to the professionals in the multimedia production department, Great Estate offers quality photographic services, videos with the support of latest generation drones for aerial shots, and 360 degree virtual tours with Matterport technology. 

Each professional has their own particular specialization and follows a path of constant growth and training, to bring the best innovations in this sector to the services created to make the world aware of the splendid prestigious properties offered for sale or rent by our clients.

Continue reading to get to know the faces of those who work passionately in the multimedia production department of Great Estate.


Silvia began her career at Great Estate way back in 2007 as a graphic designer for paper advertisements and responsible for selecting photos of properties to offer for sale. Over the years, with will and enthusiasm, Silvia has deepened her skills in photography, thanks to specific studies and courses, to the point of assuming an important role in the team.

 “My work has also become my greatest passion: photographing beautiful properties, enhancing their beauty and potential.”

Silvia currently manages photographic services and graphic revision of Great Estate’s and Great Stays properties, the preparation of the relative floor plans and the advertizing sheets for the windows of the various offices of the group.
She also creates virtual tours with Matterport, as well as the necessary attachments for purchase proposals.


Ludovico Pinzi, born in 1994, graduated as a surveyor and joined Great Estate in 2015.

The following year Ludovico began his training as a photographer and videomaker with the use of the drone. Thanks to his educational background and his passion for technology, Ludovico fits in very well within the group, also collaborating with the IT and Evaluation departments of Great Estate, while still maintaining a priority role in the multimedia production team. 


Graduated from the Technical Institute for Surveyors of Grosseto, Michele Maglione began his career in a photography shop in the fabulous town of Porto Santo Stefano, in Argentario. From there, Michele developed his passion and in 2021 he met Elisa Biglia, the group’s international consultant and manager of the local office.

Thus began the collaboration between Michele and Great Estate. For the group, including Great Stays for tourist rentals, Michele creates photographic services, as well as supporting Elisa in customer and back office management. Michele is a young professional with very specific goals, including obtaining the photographer certification and the Real Estate Agent qualification: a double specialization that will certainly be an added value for the team.


Simone Cocchi joined Great Estate at the end of his studies in 2019, to follow technical training which led him to initially collaborate with the IT department, and then continue in the multimedia production department.

Simone uses on a professional level, the tools necessary for taking photos and videos of properties, including Matterport: the innovative 3D camera, used mainly for Virtual Tours, capable of recreating the internal environments of properties in 3 dimension.

“I have discovered that I have this great new passion, I want to continue to improve my knowledge in photography, video and post-production editing to help maintain a high level for the Great Estate group.”


Matteo Spiga, born in 1983, has been practicing photography for 15 years, starting with sports photography, moving on to landscape photography, and then to event and advertising photography. His great passion for architecture and design led him to approach real estate photographpy until, in 2023, the collaboration with Great Estate and Great Stays began.

Matteo works with a very simple approach, taking advantage of his technical knowledge to dedicate himself completely to image composition. He also uses lightweight drones for indoor and outdoor video and photography, along with cameras and stabilizers to create high-quality indoor video tours.


Alvaro Raul Diamanti, born in 1986.
His passion for cinema and music led him to enter the world of videomaking, starting with the direction of music videos up to video production of events, commercials and video interviews.

“The main goal I pursue in my work is to try to excite through images.”

In the summer of 2023, Alvaro began his collaboration with Great Estate as a videomaker, with a specialization in storytelling videos such as our interviews.

Technical equipment

Here is an overview of the cutting edge equipment that Great Estate’s multimedia production department uses to create photographic, video and virtual tour services. 

  • Sony mirrorless cameras (alpha 7-3 and alpha 7-4)
  • Canon Eos
  • Sony G master optics
  • Mavic Mini 3PRO drones
  • DJI stabilizers
  •  Blackmagic 6k Pro
  •  ⁠Sigma 18-35 1.8
  • IRiX cine lenses
  • ⁠Aputure 120D LS LED light
  • LED Godox TL120 tube x 4
  • ⁠Tilta Float system 
  • ⁠Rode NTG 4 plus microphone
  • ⁠Tascam DR-60D II

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