Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Clarissa Zampolini

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Clarissa Zampolini

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Introducing Clarissa Zampolini, International Property Consultant at Best Realty, partner agency of Great Estate


My name is Clarissa, I am 25 years old, I was born and still live between Lake Trasimeno and Val d’Orcia.
After graduating from Linguistic High School, I immediately entered the work world, falling in love with the real estate sector so much, that I chose it as my life’s work.
In the summer of 2023, after a few years of experience, I obtained the qualification as a Real Estate Agent and started collaborating with Great Estate.

My passions are linked to timeless arts: cinema, music, painting and literature. Without neglecting, due to professional deformation, the love of architecture.


I first met with Great Estate in the summer of 2023, on the eve of my Real Estate Agent exam. I was contacted by Stefano Petri, CEO, while I was thinking of opening my own small agency. I already knew Great Estate, and was personally fascinated by them.
This is why I enthusiastically welcomed the idea of meeting Stefano to compare my projects with his over twenty years of experience, which would certainly have put me on the right path.
Needless to say, our exchange of opinions immediately led us to the decision to “join forces”: this is how my journey at Great Estate began.
Today I manage international clients who wish to purchase their dream home in Umbria or Tuscany.


The humanity that underlies Great Estate’s values, precisely reflects the way of working that represents me: I believe that empathy, availability, sincerity and transparency with clients, have always been the perfect ingredients for completing successful transactions.

The structure of Great Estate’s method is the winning weapon that drives the large number of clients that we reach every day, and that we have the opportunity to manage by making them feel “safe”, but above all at HOME!


My professional journey is still ongoing and continually developing:
making clients feel at home, before and after the purchase, remaining at their side to satisfy all their needs.
Looking to the future, I have a big dream: to be able to specialize in the sale of Italian artistic-cultural heritage, raising foreign investors awareness of the protection of some of our incomparable beauties that need new life.


I am extremely convinced that human beings are our superpower, which is why I am firmly dedicated to helping and assisting my clients on any occasion. It is no coincidence that one of the phrases that I often repeat to myself is:

It takes a person to help a person

And for those who are not yet convinced, my motto is:

The skeptics will have to think again.”


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