Meet the professionals of Great Stays: Valentina Ranieri

Meet the professionals of Great Stays: Valentina Ranieri

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Valentina Ranieri, Italian Property Consultant for Great Estate and Property Manager for Great Stays Orvieto.


I am a property manager at the Orvieto office and I deal with the management of properties for prestigious short-term rentals for Great Stays, both on the owner’s side and on the tenant clients’ side.
My activity in the agency is also to support real estate brokerage by taking care of a whole series of services that Great Estate offers to its purchasing clients, in particular after the sale: from the change of utilities to the calculation of taxes, up to the complete management of the purchased property.

I have a linguistic background. After completing my studies, I started working in the hotel sector starting from the front desk, in close contact with clients, and then moving to the back office to manage reservations and revenue management. In recent years I have worked as a management assistant.

My great passion is travel. I believe that working in tourism is like traveling “in reverse”: I can meet people from all over the world and enjoy the life of those places a little, even without having physically been there. Personally, I find this aspect extremely fascinating and stimulating.

Then obviously whenever I can, I love planning my holidays, or those of my family and friends.
After all…

“Life is a journey, and he who travels lives twice!”


The meeting with Great Estate and Great Stays took place through one of the group’s partners, Silvia Melone, a wedding planner specializing in destination weddings.

The Orvieto office was looking for a figure to include in its team to support the real estate brokerage activity and development of the short-term rental projects by Great Stays.
Given my more than ten years of experience in the tourism field, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to exploit my skills and also get involved in the real estate sector, a new and interesting area for me, from which I am learning a lot.


What struck me from the first meeting with the Great Estate professionals, was the respectful, positive and proactive attitude towards both work, clients and other professionals.
Sharing values immediately made me understand that I could feel comfortable in the group and today, after a year, I am proud to be part of it.


For the future I would like to dedicated myself more and more to Great Stays, which has passed its first year of activity. Regarding the Orvieto area in particular, we would like to expand our offer of villas and farmhouses for prestigious rentals, so as to guarantee an excellent service both to owners who decide to make their properties profitable, and to renter clients, so that they can enjoy the beautiful properties and our wonderful territory.

I would also like to work on the Property Management project already started by Great Estate, offering our clients the advantage of being able to rely on a company that takes care of their home while they are on the other side of the world, taking care of maintenance and utilities and managing extraordinary events.
All this allows owners to spend peaceful moments and enjoy the home of their dreams without having to think about practical management.


By joining Great Estate and Great Stays, I was also exposed to a sector, the real estate sector, which was new to me and which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot.

In general, training is a very important theme within the group, and for me a wonderful opportunity for professional and personal growth that I will continue to cultivate to achieve my goals.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”



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