International Gold Plan

International Gold Plan

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In addition to the basic package is the visibility at an international level through various resources specifically designed for this purpose.

An International Gold Plan offers:

-International basic plan

-German and Dutch translations

The translations of standard electronic brochures in English and Russian will be in addition to those in German and Dutch and will be used mainly for properties on the international arena and more specifically within these two markets.

Translations will always take into account (keywords) of the indexed strings in their respective language as well as socio-cultural factors of the target market.

-Indexing of €500 per month of keywords in various international languages of the property’s homepage,

This takes place through search engines and Google in particular between 80% and 96% coverage in Europe and by over 60% in the US. This data is an average between the various network statistics in 2013-2014 and this has also been confirmed by Italian companies such as that carry out periodic studies on the use of commercial and marketing networks.

The use of AdWords campaigns for property promotion is increased by €500.00 per month, ensuring a wide coverage on the international market. AdWords is an advertising and promotional system that uses keywords for indexing in Google, the world’s most popular search engine and on operating systems such as Android and iOS phones.

Today, after many years of continual use of AdWords campaigns by Great Estate, we can ensure an effective promotional tool with new and targeted methodologies that will reach the right clients and will promote all types of property on diverse networks.

International website portals and therefore have a continued focused presence like the basic international plan

-Sending property details through printed and online brochures to international partner agencies of the Great Estate Group,

The Great Estate Group boasts various international partners with which it shares its database ensuring various additional channels on a global level. In addition to our established partners are partnerships with other companies. The group’s aim is to expand its relationship to build a worldwide buying and selling network like that with Kire (Konosko International Real Estate). They provide a high level professional service to the Chinese market. This is a new world in which the Great Estate Group now operate in with specific offers for the Asian market through the China and Russia plan.

An editorial published in print magazines, online as well as corporate press releases for the national and international press agencies.

An editorial will be sent to news and press offices. The editorials are advertising quality properties that are published in real estate magazines or on property pages like Milano&Finanza and Sole24ore but also in numerous international newspapers like; The Guardian, The Times, The Globe, The Economist, The New York Times, The Telegraph and many more.

-Country specific social media group

All properties have widespread visibility through various social media managed by the Great Estate Group for the widest possible exposure within the editorial network for national and international magazines as indicated above. A professional will update regularly within social media and capture through keywords and tags the largest number of potential interested clients in buying the property.

-Online statistics

An international marketing plan will help to monitor client activities with the visibility of their property through online statistics.

This tool, offered to clients of the Great Estate Group and those who work with the sellers, has detailed monitoring of all advertising, visits and contacts for each property promoted through our international marketing plan.

-Advance payment

The advance paid by the seller is equal to that of €8000.00 + VAT which will be deducted from the commission on the property sale. This advance allows for the support in part of the necessary investment in the above advertising development.

Edited by Stefano Petri and translated by Tanya Starrett

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