Interview with Bianca Zampaloni, real estate agent for the Marche region

Interview with Bianca Zampaloni, real estate agent for the Marche region

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How long have you known Great Estate and how did you first make contact with them?

I know Great Estate through my colleague, Stefano Marini, who in turn introduced me to David Parish, who was already working with Great Estate and has now established a very good relationship with the whole group because of the professionalism and competence of the whole team.

Who are your clients and what are the most popular properties?

The properties are mainly restored farmhouses and therefore are of ‘move in’ condition with a budget of 250,000 to 500,000 Euros. Most clients are foreign and from Northern Europe. I work mainly in the management of sellers and I am currently managing a Norwegian group of 15 families to find a very large property of about 1500sqm in size including fifteen housing units as well as a very large outdoor space for use in the summer season.

Le Marche has experienced strong growth in recent times; with celebrity Dustin Hoffman buying a splendid villa in one of Ancona’s most famous districts.

Are you happy with your working relationship with Great Estate so far?

I would say so yes, we began positively with several sales and numerous requests for acquisitions but results will increasingly get better thanks to the support and tools made available by Great Estate.

Thanks to this partnership, we can increase contact with other neighbouring regions helping us find properties for international clients. Working as a team there is a continuous exchange of ideas and there is an opportunity to exchange views and tips relating to real estate negotiations.

To be part of a group of professionals like Great Estate with the opportunity to manage a large number of international clients at a certain level, that, as a single real estate agency would find more difficult.

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