We interviev Dr. Stefano Calafà who recently sold a beautiful farmhouse in todi  within a splendid renovated complex.

We interviev Dr. Stefano Calafà who recently sold a beautiful farmhouse in todi within a splendid renovated complex.

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Stefano Calafà - International Property Consultant

Stefano Calafà – International Property Consultant

Can you tell us the history of this small village and its restoration?

The village of Antico Gelso was among the first residential complexes of this type in Umbria and it is yet to be surpassed. Its beautiful landscape, the harmony of the old stone buildings and large spaces led to a young businesswoman and interior designer to fall in love with the place in 1997. She understood its enormous potential, bought it and so gave it a new lease of life.

Over the years, many of the old dilapidated buildings were restored to become part of a paradise, with manicured gardens, flower beds, forests, olive groves, old streets, a swimming pool and tennis court.
The village was a popular tourist destination for the first few years and then it was converted into a residential property complex: in 2005-2007, new buildings were created as well as required improvements and expansions.

The village’s 10 residential units have been finished to a very personal style that recalls the traditional Umbrian and Tuscan style with a little Provencal influence as well, with detail that give light and freshness to the rooms. The complex’s restoration has captured the attention of many major magazines (AD, Ville e Casali and others) and the marketing of the units has been very well done, with all the homes being sold in only a few months.
Obviously, the owners have also taken steps in recent years to customize and improve their homes. Almost ten years after the first purchase, homes have been resold over the past two months, and Ginestra is one of these.

Why do you think international clients are attracted to this village and what in your opinion are the renovation’s strengths?

The villages of Antico Gelso and its twin Antico Borgo d’Asproli are popular with them because they are situated within a unique setting and are internationally oriented, perfectly and beautifully detailed with the security of a caretaker on site. This is in addition to cleaning and gardening services being available in individual properties as well as in the communal areas.

Many residential units have large private gardens that provide excellent privacy while not being isolated, a combination often hard to find. Included in the sale are high standard finishes, furniture and furnishings which are very attractive for international clients, who particularly appreciate having a ‘key in hand’. These residential units are also ideal for renting out on a seasonal basis, during periods not used by the owners.

What type of advertising did the Great Estate Group carry out in order to capture the attention of international clients?

This property was assigned an international marketing plan, which ensures its visibility on all national and international portals on which we operate as well as the sharing of the property schedule with 200 real estate agencies in various parts of the world.

The massive presence of real estate advertising on various international networks, although not a complete guarantee to a sale, is certainly necessary in a globalized world so full of properties for sale. It is essential to have the property properly positioned in terms of price as well as being professionally photographed.

For those who want a similar renovation, what would you advise?

The “gated community” concept is very popular abroad and this one was a great success. Certainly great attention must be paid in the design phase of the overall renovation, to ensure that the properties are properly sized and finished with materials in line with clients’ expectations. This together with the right amount of privacy and adequate outdoor space is fundamental.

Stefano Calafà

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