Interview with Claude Hildebrand.How to buy a beautiful farmhouse in Umbria

Interview with Claude Hildebrand.How to buy a beautiful farmhouse in Umbria

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How did you find “Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group” and when did you have the first contact?
I found them on the internet while I was searching for a property in south of Tuscany.
Why did you choose to buy in Umbria ? And why that property?
 I decided myself for this property in Umbria because it was only one hour drive from Roma.And I felt in love immediately with this old farm and its beautiful situation and garden

Was it difficult to find the property you was looking for?
No it was quite easy .Internet nowadays simplifies so much the research .

How was the process to buy the house? It was everything clear and simple or it was particularly hard?
 It was very simple and well organised by Great estate.

Have you been totally satisfied with the support of the professionals of the Group?
 Yes I have been.
We know your love for italian wines. Can you tell us about your passion?
This passion is now ten years old and is not close to end.
Italy has the best wines in the world .They are generous, refined and full of happiness ,like the people who make them

Why do you entrust the “Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group” ?
 Because they are very professional and nice people to work with.

Edited by Roberto Biggera

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