Join Great Stays: how properties are selected and what our clients are looking for

Join Great Stays: how properties are selected and what our clients are looking for

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Here at Great Stays, the first rule of hospitality that guides us in every choice is to provide an excellent all-round stay experience. In fact what we offer, in addition to prestigious properties for unique holidays, are also experiences to be enjoyed during the stay, which make the accommodation and the area become a place of the heart, to fully enjoy the beauty of the Italian lifestyle.

The choice of properties with unique characteristics is in fact a principle that inspires us every time we carry out an inspection or a new structure is proposed to us. Ours is above all an experience-oriented approach, since a prestigious stay concerns both the property itself but also and above all the experiences with all the services connected to it; the concept of ‘tailor made’ is by now the keyword of prestigious travel.

Owners often ask us: what are the clients looking for when they turn to a prestigious short-stay agency?

So here is a list of useful tips for those who want to generate income from a property through short stays.

Personal touch

Borgo Poggio Amante, Orvieto (Umbria)

The personal touch given by the owner often brings an element of differentiation: a full bookcase, a collection of magazines, the presence of flowers or plants, a collection of paintings or refined furnishing elements, fine upholstery, modern bathrooms, an equipped kitchen , furnished and well-kept exterior are all details that make an accommodation more interesting and memorable. See Table 1.1 at the end of this article, for a detailed list of all those characteristics that make a property to be defined as prestigious.


Podere Calcina, Monteleone d’Orvieto (Umbria)

The presence of accessories plays a significant role: high-quality linens, comfortable mattresses, soft and coordinated towels, a well-equipped kitchen: coffee machine, kettle, dishes, pots and appliances in perfect condition. Even a very fast wifi connection and air conditioning are nowadays necessary equipment: although residences with an authentic touch and with natural materials are always very popular, technology is a must to guarantee guests a comfortable and relaxing stay, with the possibility to devote themselves to smart-working in a pleasant environment or simply to keep in touch with loved ones.

Green calling

Villa Belvedere, Monte Vibiano Vecchio (Umbria)

We strongly believe in sustainability as a value and as a mission of our project and we know that more and more people are sensitive to environmental issues, choosing green holidays. The World Travel & Tourism Council states that  sustainable tourism is a sector on the rise: today it represents more than 10 percent of global GDP and will reach 12 percent in the next ten years. Sustainability, included among the megatrends of 2022, is also becoming an essential tool in the selection of holiday stays. We at Great Stays strongly believe in doing our part, starting with small actions up to the most significant ones, stimulating both the owners of our homes and the guests themselves to take actions to protect the environment. We will be increasingly active in this initiative, with accommodation proposals that follow criteria of respect for the environment.


Villa Moresca, Monte Argentario (Tuscany)

Exclusivity is another key word, like absolute privacy, personalized service and the possibility of experiencing the property with a greater flexibility. Features to which services are added: from cleaning to car and (electric) bicycle rental, from cooking classes to personal trainers, up to the organization of unmissable experiences. We at Great Stays, take care of all the tailor-made services that enrich your stay, choosing properties that can encourage the use of those experiences: a kitchen and an equipped outdoor area, accessible spaces, proximity to tourist locations.

Space for large groups

Villa Lavanda, Porto Ercole (Tuscany)

After the pandemic, the trend of organizing gatherings of family or friends living in different parts of the world quickly established itself and with it the demand for very spacious villas of up to 7-8 bedrooms.
In the light of these new trends, in order to offer our guests a special and memorable stay, we have privileged a more emotional selection of properties, taking into consideration, in addition to the services, some characteristics that we have defined “must-have”, designed to direct the choice of a unique stay through experiences: a breathtaking view, proximity to the sea, total immersion in nature, walking distance to a historic center, the welcoming warmth of a home suitable for the colder seasons or the presence of a dream garden or a SPA nearby. In general, the choice of properties is therefore addressed to these four major criteria:

  • Privacy and independence
  • Large spaces available
  • Service customization
  • Direct contact with nature

Uniqueness, “must-have” and experiences are the criteria that most guide guests in discovering a home and a territory to enjoy, following an emotional compass. The new luxury is to fully enjoy beauty: if you dream of a breathtaking view or a sunset over the sea, you can certainly enjoy it in the space we have selected for you, to keep them in your heart forever.

Features of the prestige properties for short stays and experiences signed Great Stays

Special and unique, with the soul of the owner, born out of passion
Coherent architecture and decor professionally curated by an architect or other professionals
Maximum attention to detail with fine finishes
Air conditioning and comfort for all seasons
Sought-after and prestigious location
Space and privacy
Relaxing and quiet environment
Bathrooms renovated according to the most modern standards
Number of bathrooms equal to or greater than the number of bedrooms
Modern, functional and well-equipped kitchen
Perfectly maintained outdoor areas  with pool
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