Main Property Categories:  what to know when you decide to sell or buy.

Main Property Categories: what to know when you decide to sell or buy.

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We often hear of “land/property Categories” but it is not easy understand to which category the property we want to buy belong.

Below is a table of category examples that can help with this and also help to resolve any bureaucratic issues that you may have, when you decide to sell or buy.

A/1 Stately/elegant dwelling
A/2 Decent/respectable dwelling
A/3 Economical dwelling
A/4 Popular dwelling
A/5 Highly popular dwelling
A/6 Rural dwelling
A/7 Detached dwelling
A/8 Villas
A/9 Castles and historic, period buildings of eminent artistic or historical value
A/10 Offices or private studios
A/11 Housing typical of their areas
B/1 Colleges, boarding schools, hospices, convents, barracks, etc..
B/2 Nursing homes, convalescent home and hospitals
B/3 Prisons and reformatories
B/4 Government/public Offices
B/5 Schools and scientific laboratories
B/6 Libraries, art galleries. museums, galleries, academies etc.
B/7 Chapels and oratories not intended for public worship
B/8 Underground warehouses for the storage of food
C/1 Stores and specialist shops/boutiques
C/2 Warehouses and storage rooms
C/3 Arts and crafts workshops
C/4 Factories and local sports centres
C/5 Bathing facilities and spas
C/6 Stalls, stables, sheds and garages
C/7 Closed or open sheds

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