“Maison de Charme” and its new owners: love at first sight

“Maison de Charme” and its new owners: love at first sight

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Thanks to Great Estate and to the consultancy of Alice Ceccomoro, Messrs Guenzi are the new owners of the apartment in the historical centre of Cetona “Maison de Charme”.


After a two-week flash negotiation, thanks to Great Estate, Messrs Guenzi bought a lovely apartment in the historical centre of Cetona, in the province of Siena. The protagonist of this purchase was the agent Alice Ceccomoro, who could celebrate her third sale in 6 months.

Alice talks about the sold apartment, known as “Maison de Charme”:

“It’s a bright and spacious apartment, with large rooms and a small lovely inner courtyard, perfect for having breakfast during summer time. One side of the apartment completely overlooks the main square of Cetona, centre of the town life but still a private and quite location. “Maison de Charme” boasts the typical Tuscan elements required by those who buy a home here: Cotto pavements and wooden beams. With its three bedrooms +1, it’s the perfect solution for a large family. The modern chic furniture contributed to the good outcome of the sale. There is also a cave at ground floor, which will be so beautiful once restored (Mr Guenzi is about to start the works).”


But let’s see what the new owners think about “Maison De Charme”.


Messrs Guenzi, thank you for the time you kindly granted us. Let us know a curiosity: a few months after the purchase, how do you feel?

We are glad to answer your questions! We are very satisfied! The house didn’t disappoint our expectations and it didn’t reveal any unpleasant surprise. We really like Cetona too and we have already settled in. In fact, this evening we have a dinner with several personalities of the village.


Why did you chose Tuscany, and in particular the historical centre of Cetona, to buy your holiday home?

Actually, there isn’t a particular reason. We already have second homes, but they are all coastal properties. One of our daughters gave us the input to search a property in a village, because she doesn’t love the sea!
We chose Cetona because we wanted a property with a great attractive value, in case one day we decide to resell it.
We thought about a smaller house, about 100 sqm, with a lower budget. It should have been just a support, because we already have second homes; but when Alice showed us “Maison De Charme” it was love at first sight! We were also considering other proposals in Tuscany, but when we saw this property in the historical centre the choice was almost obligated. Several reasons brought us to the decision to buy a three times bigger property than the one we were thinking about: in addition to the beauty of this house, the great quality/price ratio and the excellent renovation works made the difference: we have already had two others renovation interventions and my wife wouldn’t have stood another one, especially not one far away from our main home.

How did you get in touch with Great Estate group?

We saw an ad on “Immobiliare.it” that caught our attention. Then we made a request and we immediately got recalled. The whole group, in particular Alice Ceccomoro, followed us in an excellent way from the beginning to the end, giving us assistance in each step. This allowed us to buy “Maison De Charme” in a very short time: In a month we made the request, we saw the house twice and finally we signed the deed!
And it’s not over: we have been helped even with the post-sale services: Great Estate staff handled all the red tapes because it would have been difficult for us, living in Rome.


You told us that our relator Alice Ceccomoro followed you, how did you get on with her?

La nostra Alice Ceccomoro


Alice is amazing! She perfectly understood our needs and she was always very helpful. She never made us wait for an answer and she proved to be a real “problem solver”, and that makes the difference in any area!






So, can we affirm that you have been satisfied with the services that Great Estate and its experts offer to its buyers?

Absolutely. It was a very positive experience. It’s not easy to find such capable experts, able to follow you in each step of the research and negotiation, and even with the post-sale services! I think that these “subsequent” services are extremely important when you decide to buy a house, especially if it is a second home, because the buyers might not have the possibility to follow everything from afar. We have already recommended Great Estate group to friends and acquaintances and we will continue to do so!


If you are looking for your luxury dream property in Umbria, Tuscany or across Italy don’t wait any longer! Visit our website or contact our head office.

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