Mr and Mrs Ferrazza: interview to the new owners of “Poggio del Sole”

Mr and Mrs Ferrazza: interview to the new owners of “Poggio del Sole”

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Thanks to Great Estate Group, Mr and Mrs Ferrazza are the new owners of the lovely farmhouse “Poggio del Sole” in Umbria

Messrs Ferrazza found Great Estate thanks to a web search, in particular thanks to the portal They saw the farmhouse “Poggio del Sole” on that web page and decided to contact us.


Good morning Maurizio! Please tell us something about you. What do you do in your daily life?

I’m a nurse in Castiglione del Lago hospital, while Flavia works with the Forestry Carabinieri of Città della Pieve.


May I ask you..why did you decide to buy this farmhouse? And why in Città della Pieve?

We’ve always wanted a farmhouse immersed in greenery where to move. Città della Pieve is close to both our workplaces, close to our family, and is also a lovely place!


How did you feel during the first visit?

Thanks to the warm owners’ welcome and to the assistance we received from the kind and professional Gregorio Badessi, the first visit was particularly pleasant. We were immediately impressed by the farmhouse, but we couldn’t completely appreciate its beauty and potential in that moment, since it was one of the first properties we saw.


Which elements convinced you to buy “Poggio del Sole”?

We decided to buy it especially because of its private position and its wide land, but also because of its potential in case of restoration/enlargement. In fact, we are thinking of making some modifications in time, regarding the improvement of power yield and the simplification of daily activities.


In conclusion, how was your experience with Great Estate and the professionals who assisted you, Stefano Calafà and Gregorio Badessi?

It was a completely positive experience, thanks to their professionalism, but also their kindness and helpfulness during each phase of the negotiation.


Do you think that our Group was able to offer you a service up to your expectations? Would you suggest Great Estate to other buyers?

We are absolutely satisfied with the service received from Great Estate, and we would certainly suggest it!

We take the chance to extend a warm greeting to the staff of Great Estate/Via Dei Colli Agency.


Thanks to Maurizio Ferrazza and Flavia Morselli for their helpfulness.

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