Federica and Tiziana Scota: “Great Estate and us”

Federica and Tiziana Scota: “Great Estate and us”

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The Scota sisters, former owners of “Poggio del Sole” and seller part in its sale, tell in first person their experience with Great Estate.


We have been the owners of this farmhouse for about 30 years: we bought it with the law for the owner farmers, starting then a small agricultural activity managed by our father. We always wanted to follow the laws, so we waited for the regulation for the variation in use to enter into force before turning the farmhouse into civil residence.

Then, about 6 years ago, our mother passed away, so we decided to sell it: we haven’t lived there for some time, therefore it made no sense to keep the property.

To sell “Poggio del Sole”, we decided to collaborate with some local agencies, but over time we realised that it wasn’t the right choice for us: we wanted to sell fast and that kind of promotion wasn’t delivering the results we hoped for.

That’s why, taking advantage of the fact that we already knew the agent Giacomo Buonavita, we decided to start collaborating with Great Estate group.

At the beginning, we thought that we could sell our farmhouse at a significantly higher price. Over time, though, constantly exchanging views with Giacomo and thanks to his precious advices, we became aware of the downturn of the housing market, and therefore of the need of a reduction in the requested price.

This decision of ours proved to be fundamental for the positive outcome of the sale. In fact, a short while later we received a lucky visit from the two guys who then bought “Poggio del Sole”. On that occasion we talked a lot about the property and its potential.

Thereafter, we met for a second time, and then for a third, in which their parents were present too. That made us realise that they were really sure of choosing our farmhouse.

We are really enthusiastic, because we got along so well with the buyers that we are still in touch!

For this reason, and for many others, we want to thank Giacomo, who demonstrated, in this occasion more than ever, his professionalism, and in general all the Great Estate team. We have been assisted from the beginning to the end, in each phase of the negotiation, which was taken care of with extreme professionalism and in every detail with amazing services.

We truly believe that, in a market scenario like this one, Great Estate represents the best solution to sell a property. For this exact reason, we have already suggested the team to a friend of ours!

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find professionalism, calm, education and punctuality: all qualities that we expect to find in true professionals. And that’s actually what we got with Great Estate group!

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