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Last spring Great Estate closed an important negotiation in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Tuscany and Italy, Monte Argentario. The seller was the famous engineer Mauro Forghieri.

In March 2017, Great Estate, thanks to the Head international Group collaboration, Elisa Biglia, sold a portion of a villa in the magnificent Cala Grande, in Porto Santo Stefano, along the Argentario coast.

An important sale because of several aspects: not just for the relevance of the sold property and the relative amount, but also for the “notoriety” of the personality who took part in the negotiation as seller: Engineer Mauro Forghieri.

Formula 1 car designer and Ferrari Stable director, that, under his guide (between 1962 and 1984) won 4 world titles, Forghieri has been the owner of the Argentario property for years, during which, he told us, he spent pleasant and enjoying moments there: he loved organizing parties at the villa, where his dearest friends used to participate.

“One of my memories about the villa? The parties full of friends, the ones who could really appreciate it…”

Mauro Forghieri tells us that, when he bought the villa, he immediately was bewitched by it, both for its structure and, overall, for the beauty of the area that surrounds the Monte Argentario. The property, in fact, is situated exactly in front of Giglio Island and enjoys a great panoramic view of the sea.

“A place rich in beauties to find and enjoy, as the whole Tuscany after all. “
The problems on heading out on long journeys caused by the age are the reasons that brought engineer Forghieri to the sale decision: thanks to some friends of him who knew and had a good regard and trust on our agency, Mauro Forghieri chose Great Estate Group.

To learn more about this important sale in Tuscany, we asked some questions to the estate agent Elisa Biglia, Monte Argentario GEP partner agency supervisor, as well as Great Estate Head of International, who in this negotiation led both the seller, the engineer Forghieri, and the buyer parts.

To learn all the details about this sale, consult our magazine or read our interview to Elisa.

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