Mr. Germani and the “Focaiole Alta” parcelling in San Casciano Dei Bagni: our secret dream

Mr. Germani and the “Focaiole Alta” parcelling in San Casciano Dei Bagni: our secret dream

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Mr. Germani and his wife are the new owners of “Focaiole Alta” lot 4: their Tuscan dream.

My dream of moving in Tuscany has always been there, but it could have become true only when we achieved the possibilities to purchase and found the right location. Some years ago, after a holiday in the Fonteverde Resort, we got to know San Casciano Dei Bagni. During the years, we had the possibility to travel around Tuscany: from Lucca to Pisa and Livorno, from Pistoia to Grosseto, from Florence to Siena and the other areas of Chianti.

Tuscany was able to maintain its original identity and traditions: we hope it will remain so.

We went to visit some properties in the area of San Casciano Dei Bagni with a local real estate agency. In this occasion, we discovered Great Estate too.

We immediately fell in love with “Focaiole Alta”. Two were the main reasons because we chose it: its great west-exposing overlooking the south of Val D’Orcia and Monte Amiata, as well as the structure general quality and finishing.

Another reason for which we have bought it is its perfect location: well connected, it is in the middle between Florence and Rome. This is why we decided to permanently move from Rome to San Casciano Dei Bagni.

Our trusted consultant, the one who supported us during the entire purchasing process, was Roberto Biggera: he proved us to be a real specialist and a great mediator. From the very first moment, we created a mutual trust and openness relationship among each other. Roberto, as well as the entire GE team, was always able to answer to our requests and find the right solutions.

In practice, the entire purchasing process went good and we did not find any particular problem. This is also because we did not ask for any external modification to the “Focaiole Alta” lot 4 initial project, so no further authorities approvals were needed. Great Estate and Roberto Biggera himself were very efficient. 

For this reason, I surely suggest Great Estate to all those international clients who desire to purchase a beautiful property in Italy, because here we had truly found both professionalism and fairness. 

Follow Mr. Germani’s suggestion: entrust yourself to the Great Estate team too (to obtain more information, click here).

Keep following our Magazine to read the interview to Mr. Massimo Cesaretti, the owner of RGemme, the building company which created “Focaiole Alta”.

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