Roberto Biggera tells us about the sale of “Focaiole Alta” – lot 4

Roberto Biggera tells us about the sale of “Focaiole Alta” – lot 4

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December, 2018: the final deed of sale of “Focaiole Alta” – lot 4, purchased by an Italo-Turkish couple, has been signed. Roberto Biggera, the Great Estate consultant who managed both the parties, tells us about his professional experience.

Great Estate received the “Focaiole Alta” parcelling assignment of sale in 2012. From the very first moment, the vendor – the building company RGEMME – chose a “full optional” marketing plan, which was renovated every time a property needed to be advertised more. Being the vendor the owner of a building company, he immediately understood the market situation, being so able to appreciate and enjoy the marketing tools offered by GE. In 2012, the first estimate of the lots was done following the “classic” methods. This is because the Great Estate IT system The Best Price did not exist yet. I perfectly remember how hard was to establish the right prices for the properties to advertise.

Surely, by taking advantage of all the The Best Price potentialities, all this evaluation work would have been more easy and rapid.

Anyway, the first estimates revealed themselves exact: this, over the time, has meant the establishing of a positive sales trend which brought to a “natural” estimate of every lot. 

Regarding the sale of LOT 4, I was both the vendor’s and buyers’ consultant.

As already said, the vendor was RGEMME, a building company of San Casciano Dei Bagni. Composed of local artisans, it is specialized in the farmhouses, villas and historical centres apartments renovation works. This incredible added value helped to make this project a winning one.

In 2012, RGEMME signed an exclusive assignment for sale with GE. The entire “Focaiole Alta” has been sold through our cooperation: 9 lots where both single-family and two-families villas – some including a swimming pool too – were built (click here to see the buildings).

During the time, RGEMME has become our trusted partner for the renovation works required by our clients: by always realizing high quality works, our clientele is very satisfied.

There were three or four visits to Lot 4. I do not remember exactly, but one thing is clear: when we decided to improve the advertisement of this lot, it has been sold very quickly.

The buyers were an Italo-Turkish couple: he, a Salini engineer coming from Rome but living abroad for years now, and she, a Turkish entrepreneur. Because of their love for the thermal baths, they were looking for a prestigious property in the area of San Casciano Dei Bagni.

They decided to purchase “Focaiole Alta” LOT 4 because amazed by the beauty of the landscape around it… very beautiful. Moreover, they had really appreciated the building and finishing quality too.

The negotiation was very fast and, given that, at that moment, the selling process of such properties was almost standardized, we did not find any problem. We are talking about the first months of 2016.

A meeting among the vendor, the buyers and me was sufficient to reach an agreement. I will always remember where we signed it: at the Bar of the Fonteverde. Hotel In the afternoon, we went into the Great Estate offices to sign the preliminary contract.  

Roberto Biggera

Do not miss the interview to the buyers of “Focaiole Alte” lot 4 in San Casciano Dei Bagni.. on-line soon on our Magazine.

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