A really “extra-ordinary” negotiation: Casa Glam

A really “extra-ordinary” negotiation: Casa Glam

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Among the six negotiations closed by Great Estate in January 2019, “Casa Glam”, located in the historic centre of Monteleone D’Orvieto, Umbria, stands too. An experience that, especially for its timing, presents some extraordinary aspects. Ilaria Peparaio and Alice Ceccomoro told us about this amazing professional and personal experience.

Hi Ilaria. First of all, which is the history of your home?

I bought this home a few years ago. I lived in it with my family while we were looking for a country home responding to our daily exigences. 

Do you have any story about it to tell us?

Of course. This house was in the market for years but, even if I was living at 300 m from it, I did not notice it: it was in a pretty bad shape! One day, during a flood, I decided – I still do not know exactly why – to ring the doorbell of that house and kindly ask to visit it. I immediately fell in love with the property! The day after, I called the architect, the engineer and the bricklayer to understand if I could structurally work to create a large living area in the apartment. When I got the specialists’ green light, I immediately presented a purchase offer and, soon, I bought the house. 

During the years, have you ever changed something in the property? If yes, what?

The building has been internally and externally renovated (façade and roof): a six months work during which I was supported by my brother, the architect. He dealt with the entire structural and planning part of the project, while I focused myself on the insides.

Why did you decide to sell it?

I decided to sell it because my husband and I purchased a country home in July 2018. Even if I loved it, I could not live in this apartment anymore so I decided to sell it.

The property acquisition did not follow the standard GE procedure: can you tell us why?

I have been considering the idea of selling and/or renting my home for about three months, but I was not able to choose: I created it in my own image and I was terribly sorry to part with it.

One day, my Great Estate colleague Alice Ceccomoro asked me:

What did you decide to do with your home?

And I: 

I have not decided yet

So she answered me:

I have some clients who surely would love it.. think it over!”.

After a week, I finally decided to sell it! In order to better understand which could the right marketing value of my property be, I used the The Best Price system. Then, I communicated to Alice that, in my opinion, The Best Price valuation was the correct one for my home and I would have never accepted any lower offer. The clients would have visited it on Monday.

For this reason, the Tuesday before, I started to move my last things from the property. On Saturday, when the apartment was already empty, I started its staging. I ended on Sunday night!

Alice and Ilaria, we know that the sale timing was very short. Would you like to tell us how the negotiation was?


On Monday morning I went to the house to realize its emotional photo-shooting. To myself, I believed that if “Casa Glam” was not the right property for the clients who had to come to visit it, I was sure to be able to sell it soon in any case. There were no other properties like this on the market: a ready to move in townhouse with a three-sides-view.

I remember that, after the photo-shooting, I left the home at 12.00 AM, while Alice was arriving with her clients. At 12.45 AM, almost an hour later, Alice called me and said: “They want it!”.

In this occasion, I was both the real estate agent and owner of the property. For this reason, we put in place a telephone negotiation and quickly reached an agreement. Indeed, the purchase proposal was signed on Monday evening.


Given Ilaria’s “flash” decision, when my clients visited the property the first time it was not on the market yet. Indeed, we did not make it in time to enter the apartment into the Great Estate database. 

The buyers, an Anglo-American couple, mess.rs Anne and Gregor Wilson – the husband was born in UK and lives in US, while the wife is American – contacted me on December and together, in three days, we visited 8 apartments. Ilaria’s one was the last – Monday 28th, January. They literally fall in love with it and confessed me their will of presenting a purchase offer as the visit ended, right while they were leaving the property.

Obviously, Ilaria already had all the documents needed in order. This allowed us to easily and quickly write the proposal. The clients signed it the same evening.

Ilaria, we know that you are a home stager too. In your opinion, how did the Home Staging affect this negotiation? (click here for more information)

I would say it was fundamental. The home was almost empty, there were only the kitchen and many boxes. So, I decided to stage it by following a mood in line with the emotions I wanted to generate.. I played with colours and valorised the architectonical features of the apartment. As I always do, I tried to do my best. When clients arrived, they could find a warming, welcoming and perfuming home. This is because, before their coming, I started the heating system, lighted some candles and perfumed the rooms. All to create the right atmosphere!

I remember with pleasure that, while I was leaving and Mrs. Wilson entering the house, she exclaimed: “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW”.

Alice, why did you clients immediately fall in love with the home? What did they like the most?

I perfectly remember the description of their ideal home: a completely renovated property in a historic centre, with large rooms, at least two bedrooms and an external space. This is why I asked Ilaria for her house.

The renovation features, as well as Ilaria’s extraordinary taste and professionalism, would have represent the perfection for my clients.

As soon as they arrived, the couple was amazed by the great brightness and width of the living area: the renovation, the presence of many liveable spaces and of extra-ones for possible guests make them decide to purchase “Casa Glam”, furnishing included.

I left the clients alone for ten minutes in the home, so to allow them to feel its emotions and atmosphere. Then, while they were leaving the apartment, they said me they wanted to purchase the property.

30 minutes later, Ilaria and I started to write the purchase proposal. Architect Peparaio, Ilaria’s brother and the person who dealt with the renovation, sent us all the documents needed to close the negotiation. At the end of the day, the proposal was ready. Clients signed it at 7.00 PM, while Ilaria at 9.00 PM.

A great happiness and satisfaction for my clients!

If you want to live a selling experience like this, entrust yourself to the Great Estate group too: we will sell your property in a very short time and with the highest profit possible!

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