Iuliia Sharenko and the sale of “Appartamento Elena”

Iuliia Sharenko and the sale of “Appartamento Elena”

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GE 2018 has closed with the sale of “Appartamento Elena” too. This apartment in the historic centre of Orvieto has been purchased by a couple living in Moscow. Iuliia Sharenko, the GE consultant who managed the buyers, is going to tell us something about her professional experience.


Our clients, Elena and Alexander, contacted us in February, 2018 through the Russian portal Prian.ru. They were organizing their journey to Italy, but they were not sure about the area to be considered as their ideal dream home location. Indeed, they were many: from the Garda Lake to Lucca, from Umbria to Tuscany.

The choice of “Appartamento Elena”

They arrived to Italy in March. We visited about 15 properties in a week: having them a really large family, they were looking for a renovated and large home located in a historic centre. From the very first visits, I immediately understood that some of the properties we were considering had already caught their attention and that they were just looking for the right one! The last visits day planned was in Monteleone D’Orvieto, where we had already seen two apartments.

However, Ilaria suggested us to visit another apartment that, even if it was not officially for sale yet, owned some great potentialities! She was really right!

Indeed, as we ended the “Appartamento Elena” (click here) visit, clients said me that it was precisely the property they were looking for, even if it needed a renovation. Surely, the apartment location, its incredible terrace overlooking the valley and, in general, its layout caught their attention.

The negotiation

Regarding the negotiation, architect Federico Peparaio, Ilaria’s brother and “Appartamento Elena” ex-owner, realized and proposed a property renovation project to the clients.

We explained them every single detail about the renovation, the new spaces distribution and the purchasing process which, in this specific case, would have not be the standard one. Obviously, client’s exigences were the first to be considered: as already said, they needed many rooms and a functional distribution of the same. For example, they decided to transform the ex-basement into a kitchen with living room, while the garret into an open-space to be used as their grandchildren’s room.

After having established the working and payment timings, the preliminary contract has been signed too. Fortunately, no particular bureaucratic/technical discrepancy had emerged. In the preliminary contact which, as for every international sale, is written in the two parties’ spoken languages – so, in this case, Italian and Russian –, we carefully specified every step of the renovation works so that both the Russian banks and the foreign exchange control department would have not caused any problem.

Regarding the project technical aspects and by providing all the documents needed within the established deadlines, architect Federico Peparaio was really precise and helpful. So, on November, 26th2018 we signed the final deed of sale at the Canape Notary Office in Città Della Pieve too.

Our clients were able to celebrate Christmas in their new home!

The renovation

“Appartamento Elena” renovation works lasted about 6-7 months. During this period, Federico and I had always remained in contact with the clients, so to support them with the choice of some small details as the materials, colours, etc to be used.

When they arrived in Italy, we personally went with them to some artisanal a local shops. I perfectly remember that the most difficult element to be decided was the kitchen which, given the apartment spaces, had to be a tailored one. Clients were looking for something traditional. Moreover, Mrs. Elena is a great and passionate cook, so this room is really fundamental for her. In order to find the “right” kitchen, we went to the three most prestigious companies of our area and considered dozens of possible solutions. Finally, they chose a very particular and completely tailored one.

Today, this kitchen is one of the main jewels of the home!

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