Great Estate signed another incredible sale in Naples: “Podere Del Poggio”

Great Estate signed another incredible sale in Naples: “Podere Del Poggio”

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Do you remember the amazing Umbrian farmhouse called “Podere Del Poggio”? On January, 9th2019 and thanks to the cooperation between the GE consultants Ilaria Peparaio and Stefano Calafà, the CEO of “Via Dei Colli”, a Great Estate partner agency, it has been sold to an Italian couple.

In one of our last articles (read it here), we told you about “Podere Del Poggio”, an amazing property located at less than 20 km from the Umbrian town of Orvieto

Today, instead, we met the GE consultants who dealt with this sale: Ilaria Peparaio, the vendor’s supporter, and Stefano Calafà, the buyers’ – an Italian couple living in Naples – one.

Welcome Ilaria and Stefano


When and how did you met the sellers?

The vendors already knew our group. To be more precise, they knew Roberto Biggera because, some years ago, they purchased another farmhouse near Orvieto through the cooperation with our agency.

Was this property already for sale with other agencies?

No. They immediately chose to sign an exclusive assignment for sale and a Silver marketing plan with us.

In your opinion, which are the strengths of this farmhouse?

Surely, I think the rooms brightness, size and the property extraordinary location. Indeed, it sits on a small hill near the historic centre of Guardea, a small town overlooking the Tevere river valley.


Talk us about the “Podere Del Poggio” buyers.

They are an Italian couple who is actually living in Naples. They were managed by both Gregorio Badessi, who was in contact with them since 2016, and me.

Which kind of property were they looking for? And where?

They had some really clear ideas: they were looking for a prestigious and large property in the area of Orvieto. Together, during the research period, we visited about six properties.

Why did they finally decide to purchase “Podere Del Poggio”? Which were the features they appreciated the most?

Even if they would have preferred it nearest Orvieto, clients fell in love with “Podere Del Poggio” (discover it here) immediately. Surely, the sunny and panoramic position of the farmhouse, as well as the large and well maintained external spaces, played a fundamental role. Finally, the airy and bright rooms caught their attention too.

How will they use their new home?

It will be their holiday home.

Ilaria and Stefano

Would you like to tell us how the negotiation was? Were there any particular problem to be faced?

S: The negotiation was not particularly difficult: the first visit to the property was held in September, while the second one on October, 20th. The purchase offer was signed and accepted in November. The final deed of sale was signed in January 2019. No particular discrepancies had emerged, so the whole process was pretty calm and easy.

I: I completely agree with Stefano. Personally, I would like to underline the incredible work regarding the property papers done at the beginning. The ex-owner, a very precise man, followed my suggestions so, when we came to the sale, all the documents needed were present and perfectly in conformity with the current regulation!

Are you satisfied with the result you achieved? Why?

S: Surely! Working with Ilaria is always a pleasure: she is a great professional who perfectly mixes her important communicative and interpersonal skills with a high precision towards every possible legal and technical aspect which, as in this negotiation, is never banal.

Seeing the clients happy about their purchase is always a great satisfaction!

I: I am very glad about the result achieved, as well as because the engineer – i.e. the current “Podere Del Poggio” ex owner – had always entrusted himself to us, without never expressing the desire to change agency.

Selling his home was, for me, my way to pay him back for his trust.

Moreover, working with Stefano was something very exciting: he is very precise and professional. Stefano was also able to create a trusted relationship with the clients. In my opinion, during a negotiation, this kind of relationships makes the difference.

To conclude, the relationships which both Stefano and I were able to consolidate during the time were the elements who allowed us to reach the sale without any particular problem to face.

So, a great satisfaction for the entire GE Group which, with “Podere Del Poggio”, closed a sale of a realy high value

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