Chiara Pompili and Kobrin: a true relationship of trust

Chiara Pompili and Kobrin: a true relationship of trust

Press Office Jun 11, 2019 No Comments Kobrin: he of Israeli origins, she of US. An international couple resident in Switzerland but always traveling because of their jobs. In 2014 and for their real estate investments, they entrusted themselves to Great Estate. During this years, they have a unique trusted consultant: our Chiara Pompili.

I met Tamir and Kathrine Kobrin in 2014, when they were looking for a small pied-à-terre in Umbria. I gladly remember that, from the very first time, there was a beautiful feeling, something which accompanied us during the entire process.

Anyway, talking about our first meeting, we visited different properties but, when we went to “Happy Place” in Città Della Pieve, they immediately fell in love with it. It has been their Italian “refuge” for about five years, their little nest where to stay after a long trip, their “real home”.

At a certain point, their old desire of moving into a noble floor of a historic center ancient property has come back. An apartment, this, which would have been surely largest than their pied-à-terre.

And this is how, in a really “record” time, the opportunity to find their ideal home in Amelia (read here about it), purchase it and move in there, became true.

In the meantime, my clients decided to sell their apartment in Città Della Pieve, “Happy Place”. But there was a little problem to be solved. Indeed, once moved all the furnishings into the new apartment in Amelia, the one of Città Della Pieve would have been completely empty. As we know, the presence of these elements in fundamental during the first visit of a potential buyer, because it contributes to the idea he/she creates of the house.

Once I explained my point of view to Tamir and Kathrine, I proposed them to meet Ilaria Peparaio, one of my GE colleagues and the CEO of “Eletta Home Staging”, in order to talk about the services and possibilities they would have had with the Home Staging (click here to discover more about it).

During this meeting, Ilaria told them about the importance of the space distribution in every room, of an “impartial” style which should, in any case, give a client the idea of being at home.

I have never had any doubt about the results of Ilaria’s work, but I have to admit that, at the end of the staging, the objective was reached.. seeing is believing!

Ilaria thought the staging for an international clientele: a style and taste which were appreciated by our compatriots too. Indeed, there was many visits to this property.

Needless to say, in a matter of days from its entrance in the market, at the beginning of January, the apartment has been sold after a “flash” negotiation. It started in the afternoon of January, 25th and closed the day after, with just the 3% tractability margin on the requested price.

How was it possible? which were the elements that allowed to reach the sale in a so short time?

Three were the fundamental conditions:


Even if every vendor would like to sell his/her property at the highest price possible, in this case, Tamir and Kathrine understood and agreed the estimate we did trough our IT tool, The Best Price, entrusting themselves to our experience.


In this case too, clients decided to actively listen to our consultancy and entrusting themselves to our suggestions that, in concrete, were decisive for a correct presentation of the property and its consequent perception.


Tamir and Katherine understood the importance of standing out among the different selling channels through an international advertising strategy. So, once a SILVER marketing plan was signed, in a very few days, “Happy Place” received lots of requests immediately.

If I should “reveal the secrets” of a good sale or recommend the “sine qua non” conditions for its reaching in a short time, I would sum it up into the three above mentioned points. I would call them the “3Ps”: Price, Presentation and Publicity.

Confidence is the key to everything.

The trust a client, a seller or a buyer, give us is not just amazing and satisfying, but it is also constructive. It is only through a strong relationship between the two parties that it is possible to achieve positive results. I am very honored to affirm that all of this happened with Tamir and Katherine. Furthermore I am very glad to be here making a toast with them for the amazing goals achieved together.

A special wish goes to the new owner of “Happy Place” too: I am sure it will be a really “happy” place for her!

Chiara Pompili

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