Amelia is still the protagonist of a GE sale: “Casale Ameria”

Amelia is still the protagonist of a GE sale: “Casale Ameria”

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After the sale of “Appartamento Amelia” in April 2019, this Umbrian hamlet is the location of another GE incredible success again: “Casale Ameria”.

We find ourselves surrounded by the traditional countryside landscape around the medieval hamlet of Amelia, in the southern Umbria: here, vineyards, olive groves and fields mix together to create a colourful and harmonious picture. 

This is “Casale Ameria” location: an ex-novo farmhouse, realized by following the most modern anti-seismic criteria and using high quality materials. The living room at the ground floor is just an example of it: very airy and bright, this room is also able to offer you a beautiful view on the historic town of Amelia. If you look at its ceilings, instead, the wood-truss structure catches your attention immediately (discover the farmhouse here). 

So, both the home and its location do not go unnoticed!

Since April, this farmhouse at just two kilometres from Amelia, is owned by an Israeli couple. During this negotiation, Suzanne Van Ravenstein dealt with the vendors, while Roberto Biggera with buyers.

Suzanne told us:

I had the possibility to assist to the entire farmhouse realization. The building project, very particular, was done by a local architect: he used some traditional materials of this area to realize very bright and large rooms. His objective was very clear: obtaining a home with the most beautiful view on Amelia possible. This is precisely one of the farmhouse strengths. Then, I discovered that “Casale Ameria” ex-owners, a US-Italian couple, had put the property on the market through another agency and at a really high price. So, I decided to contact and ask them the permission to propose their home to one of my English client and, some time later, to Roberto’s Israeli clients too. They fell in love with this farmhouse by preferring it to another farmhouse in Orvieto.

When they were living in Rome, “Casale Ameria” the holiday home of its ex-owners. Then, they had to move to San Diego, so they decided to sell the farmhouse too.

I estimated it through The Best Price: its value was of about 560.000€. I would like to underline that, compared to that value, the final selling price changed of just 7 percentage points.

Regarding the negotiation, I have to admit that it was really quick. All the parties have clear ideas, it took just two months to pass from the purchasing offer presentation to the final deed of sale.

I am very happy to have sold this incredible farmhouse and to see all the clients happy!

The buyers’ interview will be online soon.. Stay tuned!

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