Kobrin: our consultant, Chiara Pompili, was AMAZING Kobrin: our consultant, Chiara Pompili, was AMAZING

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We are very proud to share with all our readers the experience of an international couple who, thanks to the team work of Great Estate and Umbria Domus, is currently the new owner of the beautiful “Appartamento Amelia” located in the historical centre of this Umbrian hamlet.

In November 2018, as you probably have already read in our last articles, the GE consultant Chiara Pompili and the Umbria Domus staff, a partner agency of our group, closed the sale of the elegant “Appartamento Amelia”. It has been purchased by Kobrin, a Swiss couple. Kobrin are two loyal customers of Great Estate: in 2014, with the help of Chiara Pompili and through our group, they purchased an apartment in the historic centre of Città Della Pieve.

As they told us during a recent meeting, Kobrin are two hoteliers at international level. They decided to choose Great Estate again for the purchasing of “Appartamento Amelia” because of their already existing relationship with Chiara, their trust in her and the professionalism she demonstrated them during the purchasing of the property in Città Della PIeve.

In that occasion, indeed, after having done a list of the possible locations for their dream home, Kobrin decided to buy a beautiful apartment located in the historic centre of CIttà Della Pieve.

Regarding “Appartamento Amelia”, Kobrin said us that, before this experience, they did not know the Umbrian hamlet of Amelia. They discovered the property – an amazing home at the noble floor of Palazzo Colonna, a building dating back to 1470 – by surfing the net and immediately fell in love with it and its location. So, in order to organize a visit to the apartment managed by the GE partner agency Umbria Domus, they contacted Chiara.

The history and the contribution that “Appartamento Amelia” (discover it here) brings to the Italian cultural and historic heritage were surely some of the elements which impressed them the most.

The professionalism of our Chiara was decisive both during the purchasing of the apartment in Città Della Pieve and the one of “Appartamento Amelia”. Indeed, while telling about her, Kobrin clearly described Chiara:


Giving that Kobrin have proved to be really convinced in suggesting the Great Estate Group to all those international clients who want to purchase a luxury property in Italy, it is a very great satisfaction for our Chiara Pompili and for the entire Great Estate team.

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