The sale of “Appartamento Amelia”: interview to Federico Bonaccorsi, Umbria Domus

The sale of “Appartamento Amelia”: interview to Federico Bonaccorsi, Umbria Domus

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In November, as you probably read in our last articles, Great Estate, in collaboration with one of the partner agencies of our group, Umbria Domus, sold the elegant “Appartamento Amelia”. We interviewed Federico Bonaccorsi, the Umbria Domus CEO.

A warm welcome to the entire Umbria Domus staff.

Hi Federico, we would like to better discover the Umbria Domus reality. What can you tell us about it?

The Umbria Domus agency has been created in 2013. My dad, who owns a technical study, has been always dealing with an international clientele. Therefore, we thought to start this kind of business. The property typology we mainly manage are the farmhouses: our area, between Todi and Orvieto, is full of them. The agency, as I said before, enjoys the great technical support of my dad’s study, which deals with the property technical-urbanistic aspects and, above all, the possible renovation works to do by showing the buyers, through the use of renderings and photo-insertions, both the current state of the building and the one it will have after the renovation.

How did you know Great Estate?

Because of a guy who went to our head office to propose us an IT program and, having seen our working methodology and appreciated our brochure, put us in contact with Stefano Petri.

Since how many time is Umbria Domus part of the GE network?

Since 2016.

May we ask you why did you choose to start this partnership? What did you impressed the most of our Group?

The working methodology of GE, as well as Stefano Petri’s professional and kind approach, has surely caught our attention. Stefano welcomed and made us feel comfortable, as if we were been knowing each other since a lifetime.

Let’s talking now about the success of Amelia. When did you received the assignment of sale? In your opinion, which were its main strengths?

We received it in April, 2017. The apartment is located at the noble floor of Palazzo Colonna, Amelia. It has high and fresco ceilings, large windows and an amazing terrace.

Regarding its estimate, did you entrust yourself to the GE tools?

Yes, we used The Best Price to estimate the apartment: an incredible tool able to help us during the property acquisition and while making the client choose the right price to advertise the property. 

How did you introduced and proposed yourself to the vendors?

They contacted us through our website and asked the agency to advertise their property.

Can you tell to the Magazine readers how did the negotiation go?

It has been very quick. Indeed, the proposal has been presented October, 30thand accepted November, 2nd. A fundamental role for the negotiation speed was surely covered by the clients too: they all were honest people owning very clear ideas. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

How was your collaboration with Chiara Pompili, the Great Estate consultant who managed the property buyers?

Chiara has been very professional: she is an experienced person and I hope to be able to collaborate with her for the sale of other properties in the furute.

Finally, Federico, bearing in mind this sale, is “Umbria Domus” satisfied with the collaboration with GE? How do you see the future of this partnership?

I am very honoured to collaborate with Great Estate because, even more than a working team, it is a family! I am sure that, by working hard together, we will be able to reach great goals!

Thank you Federico and all the Umbria Domus staff!

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