The shining autumn of Great Estate: the Villa Anselmo sale

The shining autumn of Great Estate: the Villa Anselmo sale

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Last November, two real estate consultants of the group, Filippo Cori and Suzanne Van Ravenstein, signed the sale of an amazing property near Gubbio, Umbria: “Villa Anselmo”.

During this sale process, Suzanne managed the vendors. She obtained the assignment for sale of Villa Anselmo in March 2018, after its evaluation through the The Best Price system (click here to discover more about it). The property presents some very unique features.

First of all, its location: the villa stands on the top of a hill with and very panoramic view on the Apennines too, as well as an absolute privacy, with no disturbing elements around it.

In “Villa Anselmo” we find some structural and architectonical features of an extreme beauty. Renovated in 2010, the property perfectly mixes some traditional Umbrian building elements and high quality materials: the excellent renovation works result (read here the property tab). To demonstrate this perfect mix, we want to mention you the bright living area, where the stone-covered-wall perfectly marries the original and ancient ceiling wood beam and the fireplace, the modern kitchen and the main bedroom: a real dream.

Moreover, we can not forget the amazing garden of “Villa Anselmo”: luxuriant, rich of high trees and bloomed plants, it hosts an extraordinary warmed and panoramic infinity swimming pool in basalt too.

“Villa Anselmo” is now the new home of an American couple, …. who, after ten days spent there last June, decided to purchase and to permanently move in it. A real life choice! Soon, we will have the opportunity to meet this couple and to better know their experience.

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