“Focaiole Alta”: the interview to Massimo Cesaretti, RGEMME

“Focaiole Alta”: the interview to Massimo Cesaretti, RGEMME

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The cooperation between Great Estate and RGEMME for the sale of “Focaiole Alta” parcelling in San Casciano Dei Bagni: the interview to Massimo Cesaretti.
  • Good morning Mr. Cesaretti. First of all, we would like to discover something more about RGEMME. When did it start? Where and how does it work?

RGEMME was created in 2011 for the realization of the “Focaiole Alta” parcelling. Before that date, our group’s name was “L’Arte Del Restauro”, which included some artisans from San Casciano Dei Bagni and was specialized in the renovation of farmhouses, villas and historical centres apartments. However, during the time, this kind of demand has decreased so, for this reason too, our company decided to start a new activity: the building of new constructions. In this ways, our group transformed itself into RGEMME, a building company.

  • How did you met Great Estate?

Thanks to my personal relationship with Stefano Petri, the GE CEO, and Roberto Biggera, the GE consultant who dealt with the sale of “Focaiole Alta”, we have been knowing each other for years now.

  • Before “Focaiole Alta”, did RGEMME have already cooperated with Great Estate? If so, in which occasions?

My professional relationship with Great Estate began long before the creation of RGEMME and “Focaiole Alta”. Indeed, in our past as L’Arte Del Restauro, some Great Estate clients “entrusted” our group for the renovation of their new homes.

  • How did the “Focaiole Alta” project start? How many lots does it include? Which are the features characterizing the properties of the parcelling?

“Focaiole Alta” was created because of the need to provide continuity to our work, diversifying and offering new possibilities to our clients. As already said, before 2011, “L’Arte Del Restauro” dealt with properties renovation works but, having seen a decrease of the demand in this field, my colleagues and I decided to start a new activity: the building of new structures, which have to respect some precise characteristics. This is “Focaiole Alta” purpose: a parcelling composed of 9 units – single or two-families villas – of a great aesthetic and energy quality. So, some ex-novo buildings where modern comforts and energy-saving systems perfectly mix with the traditional Tuscan farmhouses style.

  • How many lots did RGEMME sale through the cooperation of GE?

Let’s say 8 in 9. 

  • Which kind of assignment for sale did you give to Great Estate? Did you choose any of the marketing plans proposed by the Group?

In 2012, we decided to sign an exclusive assignment for sale, as well as a GE “full optional” marketing plan. During the years, thanks to the great consultancy offered by both Roberto and the entire Great Estate group, we decided to invest in some specific ad hoc advertising campaigns when needed. I can affirm that, in the light of the results obtained, the strategies used were excellent.

  • What do you think about the GE services for the sellers?

What can I say.. we have almost sold every lot, so my answer can only be positive!

  • Can you tell us which, in your opinion, were the most important moments of this last cooperation between Great Estate and RGEMME?

I have to affirm that the main problem we had to face during this last cooperation between us was the sale of the first property, purchased by a Russian client in …: this success gave RGEMME the possibility to prove the great work we are able to do and, meanwhile, to concretize “our home idea”. In a so extraordinary location, the sale of the first property, as the ones of the other lots, allowed the interest of all the other potential buyers to be stimulated. As Roberto just suggested to me, the visits to the parcelling were about 20. This, in percentage, is a very low number considering the sales done: on average, indeed, we were able to sell a lot every 2/3 visits.

  • What can you tell us about Roberto Biggera, the GE consultant who dealt with the sale of the lots?

Roberto and I are friends and we have been knowing each other for years now. I can only affirm that his consultancy of the last 6/7 years had surely satisfied me!

  • RGEMME became, during the time, the referring partner for the renovation works requested by the GE buyers. How do you see the future of this cooperation?

I really hope this cooperation will increase, both regarding this our new building activity and, why not, during a possible recovery and improvement of the beautiful local historic centres.

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