Mrs. Elena Rybnikova and “Appartamento Elena”, it was love at first sight

Mrs. Elena Rybnikova and “Appartamento Elena”, it was love at first sight

Buyers May 21, 2019 No Comments, one of the most famous Russian real estate portals, interviewed Mrs. Elena Rybnikova who, together with her husband, Alexander, and thanks to the support of the GE consultant Iuliia Sharenko, purchased “Appartamento Elena” in Monteleone D’Orvieto, Umbria.
  • Mrs. Elena Rybnikova, could you tell us something about the property you purchased in November 2018?

We purchased an apartment to renovate in the historic centre of Monteleone D’Orvieto, Umbria. No one knows exactly the building year of construction, but it is surely 700 years old. The apartment is divided into 4 floors – 5 if we consider also the basement– for a total surface of 140 sqm. In Russia, this kind of home is called “townhouse”. The property has three entrances: an independent one bringing to the kitchen, a shared one connecting to the shared staircase and the private garage one (click here to discover the property).

  • The choice of purchasing a property to renovate is not so common. Why did you decide so?

At the beginning, we went to a real estate exhibition in Moscow, where we started to think about the kind of investment we wanted to do. Obviously, they proposed us many seaside properties, but we were not interested on them because, ffter having lived in Moscow, we just desired a calm, relaxing and silent place. By choosing both properties and agencies from their on-line presentation, we searched “properties in Italy” on the web. So, I immediately found Great Estate out, the agency with which we finally purchased our new home.

  • Why did you choose Umbria and Great Estate?

After our information request, the real estate consultant Iuliia Sharenko contacted us immediately. She started to talk us about Umbria, and I confessed her that I did not know absolutely anything about it. Iuliia reserved us an hotel, brought us to visit every property we wanted between Tuscany and Umbria. During those days, we visited about 15 apartments. 

We realized that Umbria is simply an underestimated region.

We experienced the beauty of this region, full of culture. Every single town is absolutely amazing. Despite this, there are not too many tourists and property prices are still lower that Tuscany.

Moreover, we had found our home right near the border with Tuscany.

  • Why did you purchase “Appartamento Elena”?

As soon as we saw it, we immediately fell in love with its atmosphere, so the decision was very easy to take.

Sincerely speaking, the apartment needed a complete renovation, but I said to my husband: “Well.. but look at this terrace!”.

A really large terrace of about 20 sqm and from which, by sitting out there, it is possible to enjoy the incredible panorama. Its view is simply amazing!

  • You said that the apartment needed to be renovated. So, how did you define the purchasing agreement? Have you already start the works?

The renovation project was included into the agreement right from the very first moment. We only had to talk about it to the architect. Obviously, some things had to be changed.

  • How did you agree the renovation project?

During the property visit, architect Federico Peparaio had simply told us about the idea he had in mind. Moreover, in order to let us understand how rooms would have been after the renovation works, he sent us their projects via e-mail. Despite his ideas, he immediately focused himself on ours. So, we made some changings to the internal layout.

  • How did you communicate with the architect?

Iluliia Sharenko, the GE consultant who supported us during the whole purchasing process, had always helped us to communicate to every Italian specialist we needed to realize the project. Generally speaking, she, as well as architect Peparaio, dealt with the renovation by themselves. Iuliia went to every shop possible, purchased our phone sims, activated our internet line, as well as managed, and still manages, our utilities bills.

So, we are really grateful to her.

  • Can you tell us how did you manage the work by distance? Did you need to go back to Italy?

Absolutely no. We approved the works through the photos which Federico sent us at the end of every passage. Moreover, we payed everything through our Russian bank. We had to go to Italy just one time, but not because of the works. In May, I went there to show the project to my son.

  • Given you recent experience, what would you suggest to those who want to start a renovation project?

First of all, I would suggest them to be very careful about the person who will deal with the project, i.e. the architect. Believe me, it depends a lot on the professional’s personality.

Together with Federico, we went to bars, as well as to furniture shops.. so, everywhere! He was the first to ask us to come with him if necessary.

So, you have to be aware about your specialist’s personality, because he/she will be the person to which you will have to communicate to.

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