Mr. and Mrs. K.: that video chat confirmed to us that “La Terrazza” was the right property for us

Mr. and Mrs. K.: that video chat confirmed to us that “La Terrazza” was the right property for us

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Do you remember our article on May, 8th? A German couple purchased a splendid farmhouse in Tuscany right after having visited it through a simple video-phone call with the professionals of Italia Immobilien and Rolling Hills, both partners of Great Estate. We interviewed them.
  • Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. K. Congratulation on your recent purchase. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?

We come from Germany and have two amazing children of 5 and 7.

  • How long have you been looking for a property in Italy? Which kind of features should it have had?

We have been desiring it for quite a while already. But the concrete research of our ideal property started at the beginning of 2020 only.

We wanted a country estate in Tuscany. The house could also have been ancient, but it was fundamental for us that it had land and privacy.

  • Why did you decide to purchase a home in Italy while living a so complex historical moment like the present one?

As already said, we started our research at the beginning of 2020. We visited some properties, but without any particular result.

The fact of having identified the right property for us during the COVID-2019 emergency was just a coincidence!

  • How did you meet Riccardo Luculli and Nadia Aron, the persons in charge of the GE German market, as well as your trusted consultants?

We saw the advertisement for “La Terrazza” on the real estate German portal “Immobilienscout24”, so we contacted Nadia. After some e-mails, we had a phone call.

  • Thanks to Riccardo and Nadia you were finally able to purchase your farmhouse in Tuscany: a really extraordinary experience! Indeed, the decision of purchasing the house came right after having seen it for the very first time via video-chat. That call was attended by you, Nadia, Riccardo, and Jacopo Menchicchi from Rolling Hills. The method used was surely innovative. Probably, 90% of not-open-mind people would have never used it. So, why did you do it and why did you decide to trust your reference professionals?

Basically, we consider ourselves spontaneous people: for this reason, we can easily and rapidly get excited about a property too, precisely as for “La Terrazza”!

Actually, we were almost sure that that home was the right one for us even before the video-chat.

This call has just given us the confirmation of the fact that the home was precisely how we had imagined it.

Our real estate consultant, Mrs. Nadia Aron, has made us a really great impression. Indeed, we have never had the sensation that she just wanted to sell us something: it seemed to us that she really wanted to assist us in the most professional way possible during our research.

  • Let’s talk now about the property you purchased, “La Terrazza”. Which were your impressions when you saw and “visited” it through that video-chat with Jacopo Menchicchi?

The video call that allowed us to virtually visit “La Terrazza” has proved and confirmed precisely what we already saw on its photo shooting: the farmhouse fully represented what we were looking for. So, the decision of purchasing it was very simple!

  • Which are the features of the property you enjoyed the most?

“La Terrazza” amazed us for its size, position – not too far from Siena –, view, and stone and brick structure (discover it here).

  • To conclude, would you recommend to other international clients to invest in Italy through the support of Nadia and Riccardo and, more in general, of the virtuous cooperation between “Italia Immobilien” and the GE Network?

Of course! Italy is an amazing country with charming landscapes, an incredible culture, delicious food, and friendly people.

Considering our experience, we definitively recommend the cooperation between Nadia, Riccardo, and, more in general, with the entire Great Estate Network. We really felt to be well supported during our research on a property in Italy!  

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