A winning video chat: Great Estate sells a farmhouse on Facetime

A winning video chat: Great Estate sells a farmhouse on Facetime

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The Great Estate Network has realized something really unique: it has sold a farmhouse to a German couple who has decided to purchase it right after a video chat. This is the story of “La Terrazza”.

A really extraordinary sale the one of the farmhouse called “La Terrazza”, closed by the amazing team of Great Estate despite the COVID-19 emergency.

“La Terrazza” is a beautiful property in the province of Siena, surrounded by the countryside of Sinalunga. It has all the traditional features of a Tuscan farmhouse. While boasting a stunning location that guarantees both great privacy and panorama, its conditions are good and the home is ready to move in (discover it here).

Some weeks ago, thanks to the ideal teamwork set by the GE Network up, this charming Tuscan house has become the new country estate of a German couple. To be more specific, the protagonists of this sale were: Great Estate that “caught” the buyer, Alberto Zarro and Jacopo Menchicchi – the vendors’ consultants from the GE partner agency Rolling Hills Italy –, Riccardo Luculli and Nadia Aron – the person in charge for the German market within the GE Network from our partner agency Italien Immobilien, as well as the buyers’ consultants.

Maybe you are asking yourself why is this sale so extraordinary?

This is because the new owners have deduced to purchase “La Terrazza” after having seen it – for the very first time – via video chat only!

As already said, it was a very new and particular experience that, in a certain way, could have been possible right because of the many difficulties connected to the current emergency situation.

Indeed, given the impossibility of a “normal” property visit, the buyers agreed to a virtual visit, something that they were already used to do: so, Jacopo Menchicchi – who was at the farmhouse – started this video chat with the clients, Nadia and Riccardo. The buyers were in Germany, while Nadia and Riccardo in Umbria, at their office.

Together with the ones of “Villa Smeraldo” and “Antica Chiesa”, this sale – especially this sale – proves, once again, how professionalism, commitment and the use of important IT tools – all remarkable features of the Great Estate Network – may allow, and despite every difficulty, to overcome a so hard moment and reach incredible results.

Keep reading our Magazine: the interviews to the professionals of Rolling Hills Italy and Italien Immobilien about this amazing sale via Facetime will be online soon!

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