Stefano Calafà: despite COVID-19, this was an incredible teamwork

Stefano Calafà: despite COVID-19, this was an incredible teamwork

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Stefano Calafà is going to tell us his impressions about the sale of “Antica Chiesa”, a negotiation during which he dealt with the vendors.

I have been knowing the sellers of “Antica Chiesa” since 2006. Indeed, at that time, I was the person who motivated them to the purchase of this amazing home.

The clients are Irish, and they enjoyed this property for about 14 years. They have also spent several consecutive months in there after their retirement. Being their presence even more required in Dublin, the birth of their grandchildren has changed their priorities: so, the decision of selling the house.

Regarding this, I remember that they sign an exclusive assignment for sale with us. The property remained in the market for about 2 years.

In order to establish the right property value, I have always used our The Best Price system.

This tool and the value it highlighted have been surely very important to establish a fair property asking price.

The owners have always followed my suggestions, while the sale price has changed just 5% if compared to my estimate of 2019. So, The Best Price proved itself to be almost perfect!

Willing to “tell” you about this property and its features, I have to admit that I am biased. I consider this complex as a second home: I was there during its realization and, during the years, I saw several properties been sold and purchased back.

Antica Chiesa” is an independent farmhouse with good privacy and a private garden. Ready to move in, completely furnished, and with great potentialities to be entered into the touristic rental market.

At the same time, it offers also large common spaces: a 20m-long swimming pool, a tennis court, woods and olive trees, and the presence of a home-keeper who is been living in there for about 20 years now. This is something that allows every owner to relax and not to worry about anything (click here to discover the property).

Basically, those are its main characteristics!

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Every time I go there, I still have the same beautiful feelings: the creeks, vegetation, perfumes, flowers, the sing of the birds… sometimes I saw the same in the eyes of the many clients who visited this home too.

To conclude, I would like to underline how Filippo Cori – the specialist who managed the buyers – and I have been able to set a very incredible teamwork up, especially if considering the particular moment we are all suffering.

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