Porto San Giorgio noble roman origins of the Porto San Giorgio village by the sea

Porto San Giorgio noble roman origins of the Porto San Giorgio village by the sea

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The history of this charming Porto San Giorgio village in the Marche region is closely linked to that of Fermo and its port, and in the Middle Ages, it was called “Portus Firmi”.

The village was known in Roman times, in the days of Pliny the Elder as “Naval Firmanorum” and mentioned by Strabone in the Peutinger table, (13th century road map of the Roman Empire) as “Castrum Firmanorum” or “Castellum Firmanorum”, and after the invasion of the barbarians, it seems that it was repopulated by a colony of fishermen who settled in Monte Cacciù. In the eleventh century, it became a fortress named Portu Sancti Georgeij, then Castel San Giorgio.

There are stories of several rivalries with Fermo that continued until the nineteenth century. A rich and fascinating history with ingenious ploys, knights and ladies, Jacobites, pirates, and various popes. All to maintain Porto San Giorgio’s independence from Fermo.

In this village full of history, which is often lost in legend, there are many places of interest such as St. George’s Church dating from the nineteenth century which houses a copy of the Porto San Giorgio Altarpiece by Carlo Crivelli, or the Villa Bonaparte.

This villa was built at the behest of Napoleon’s brother, Jerome Bonaparte, between 1829 and 1832, in the neoclassical style according to Irenaeus Aleandri’s design plan. Political differences with the King of Naples, saw the villa confiscated in 1831, and a few years later, sold to the Pelagallo noble family, after being converted into an Apostolic Church.

The villa has its façade decorated with bas-reliefs and high reliefs of war trophies and is surrounded by a large park. There are exquisitely frescoed rooms which are furnished with numerous furniture styled from the Imperial period and a grit floor decorated with mosaics.

There are many art nouveau villas in the area and Porto San Giorgio is a charming place to relax and to benefit from the sea air. In the centre of this beautiful village is a prestigious spacious property for sale with sea views, it is habitable but requires restoring, a lovely house for those who want to spend time here.

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