The sale of “Podere Montemelino”: interview with Giacomo Buonavita

The sale of “Podere Montemelino”: interview with Giacomo Buonavita

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Do you remember the Umbrian sale of “Podere Montemelino”? Today we interview our consultant Giacomo Buonavita, who supported and assisted the selling party of this Great Estate successful story.

– Welcome Giacomo, and congratulations on the sale of “Podere Montemelino”. Would you like to tell us about the clients who, thanks to you and the Great Estate Group, have sold this fascinating property?

Of course! I met them for the first time at our head office, during a personal meeting before the sales assignment.

They are originally from northern Italy. and bought the property in the mid-1990s and then renovated it completely. They wanted to use “Podere Montemelino” as a holiday home for their family during the week.

– Was the sale of the property handled by other agencies?

No, the property was placed on the market for the first time and only with Great Estate: in fact, the clients gave us an exclusive assignment including also an international marketing plan.

– Based on your experience, what are the strengths of “Podere Montemelino?

The location is the main one.
Magnificent, on the edge of an uncontaminated valley and only 10 kilometres from the city of Perugia and Lake Trasimeno: a position, therefore, that allows you to experience the Umbrian countryside and, at the same time, to enjoy all the comforts offered by the proximity to the city.
Undoubtedly, the generous size of the house, as well as its beauty and typicality, have aroused great interest in the market.

– Let’s talk about the evaluation with The Best Price: what are your comments on this? 

With regard to the market value of “Podere Montemelino”, the owners have fully relied on our initial advice, perfectly incorporating all the input provided to them through our first market estimate, released by our tool The Best Price.

This enabled the clients to reach their sales target in just over a year after the assignment.

– Excellent. Giacomo, do you want to tell me about the negotiation and its progress?

The negotiations took place very quickly: in fact, we reached an agreement between the parties in less than a week.

However, as is the case with 95% of the properties that we deal with, “Podere Montemelino” has been subject to an amnesty procedure which has forced us to wait about 7 months before being able to sign the sale deed.

In any case, thanks to the careful preliminary work carried out in cooperation with the sellers’ technician, the overall technical and urban planning situation of the property was clear to all parties involved from the beginning of the negotiations: therefore, also in this case, no surprises occurred in the course of the technical process.

– In conclusion, Giacomo, what are your general thoughts on the sale?

For this sale, I had the pleasure of offering my support and advice to very nice and helpful clients, with whom I established a great relationship throughout the assignment.

I will remember this negotiation with great pleasure, especially because of the great qualities of the people with whom I had the good fortune and honour to work. 

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