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Thanks to his collaboration with our group, Paul Mazzolini, aka Gazebo, is the lucky new owner of the Tuscan village “Il Melograno”. His trusted advisor was Roberto Biggera.
The interview

– Hello Roberto, and many congratulations for the sale of “Il melograno”. Do you want to tell us about its new, “famous” owner?

Sure! The customer who bought Borgo “Il Melograno” is a well-known figure on the Italian and international music scene: Paul Mazzolini, better known under the pseudonym of Gazebo, an icon of the 1980s and known as a famous Italian disco artist/musician.

He sent his first request last April through the Gate-Away real estate portal, to get more information about the property he later purchased.

– What type of property were they looking for? And in which areas?

He was looking for a historical property, immersed in a gorgeous landscape, that he could utilize as both a personal home and tourist accommodation, in particular agritourism. Basically, a property with a considerable amount of land to grow olive trees etc. and buildings with original features to be used in part as personal housing, and partly accommodations and other cultural initiatives. Indeed, Paul’s dream is to create a musical village!

– Great Roberto. In addition to “Il Melograno”, have you seen many properties together?

Actually we viewed just one other property near Cetona. And a third consideration near Città della Pieve, was discarded at the last minute.

In the end, the client fell for “Il Melograno.” Right from the start, this property struck him as it had many of the characteristics he was looking for.

I am convinced that his final decision was due to a set of contributing factors beginning with location which, in my opinion, made the biggest difference; very central and easy to reach both from Rome and from Florence, immersed in the countryside while being located close to a town.

Then, details of the village itself: the driveway, the historic park, the characteristic and typical buildings that have remained unchanged over time.

Finally, the wide and magnificent panorama that overlooks both Umbria, (in particular Città della Pieve) and Tuscany – with views of both Cetona and Sarteano.

– Roberto, let’s come to the negotiation. We would be pleased to find out how it took place …

The negotiation was quite tight as well as complicated:

In fact, three potential buyers “showed up” at the same time, all with good proposals for sellers. I believe that in the end the sellers accepted Paul’s proposal because they were definitely fascinated by the project he intends to carry out, to give new life to ”Il Melograno”.

As for the technical-bureaucratic aspect, the path was fairly linear, thanks to the seller: he had already taken steps to find all the documentation necessary for the sale and to make the properties compliant well before the actual negotiation began. These efforts helped to facilitate the negotiation process.

Of course, it was a bit complicated because the buyer decided to also  purchase some additional portions of land (and therefore it was necessary to prepare the related additional documents and agreements), and to take out a mortgage.

As a result, more steps and more levels of work were automatically created, involving seller, buyer, appraiser, bank, notary, etc. But, in the end, everything took place with precision and regularity, keeping in line with the expected time frame.

– In conclusion, Roberto, are you satisfied with this sale? And why?

Of course I am!

“Il Melograno” is a historic property that has been in our real estate database for some time.

Chiara’s work was fundamental including adjustments the asking price of the property vs. the market value, as well as completing other terms and technical documentation.

In addition, Chiara has followed the sellers for several years with the sale of their other properties… all sold by Great Estate!

Moreover, I am also particularly happy for Paul who has finally managed to realise his dream of buying a property in Tuscany, after the huge disappointment he felt due to an unsuccessful experience of his last year.

I would say that he has taken his own revenge and, personally, I am very happy to have assisted him in the best possible way!

Thanks Roberto, and we look forward to the next interview!

If you liked the interview with Roberto, wait until you see the VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH PAUL MAZZOLINI … coming soon online in the Great Estate Magazine!


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