Sales assignments: rely on the expertise of the Great Estate group

Sales assignments: rely on the expertise of the Great Estate group

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From the decades of experience of the Great Estate group, a tailor-made guide for you to enhance the value of your property and check out all the possible solutions by comparing different types of sales assignments. In the first part of the guide, you will find 15 questions to measure the effectiveness of your strategy if you have chosen to sell your home free of intermediaries.

Like everyone else, you may be wondering what is the most effective strategy to find the best buyer as quickly as possible, who is willing to appreciate all the special features of your home and recognise its value.

When you are about to take such an important step, the first decisions to be made are the most crucial ones: to whom should you entrust the sale and how, in order to achieve the expected results? Most owners, in their first approach to selling, go through the following path:

  1. Trying to sell the property independently, with the intention of saving on agency fees.

    Those who start here immediately face a number of obstacles, realising that the savings on a prospective agency assignment are soon outweighed by other unforeseen expenses, which could have been avoided or contained with the support of a professional. How is this possible? Find out by checking the effectiveness of your sales strategy now by answering the 15 questions below in this article.
  1. Giving a free assignment to several agencies, hoping that the competitiveness of the market will increase opportunities and encourage more efficient management.

    Many of our clients, before entrusting us with an exclusive assignment, have found themselves in this situation. What may appear to be a more conservative method of protecting their interest, turns out to be a strategy that extends time and causes them to run the risk of a progressive depreciation of the property. The second chapter of this guide demonstrates how any agency is more likely to invest time and resources in maximising the yield of an exclusive assignment, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of a free assignment.
  1. Finding the optimal solution for the sale of the property, entrusting it to a professional in the field, through a shared exclusive assignment.

    Those who start their journey from this point have already saved time and resources to achieve a sale with the best prospects of success. Discover all the advantages by continuing to read the insights in this guide.

Which of these 3 scenarios are you in right now?

If you have not yet analysed the agencies with which you can share the path of selling and the strategies that can be adopted to achieve the best possible result, this guide will help you take the most important step with the proper awareness.

Let’s go in order, reviewing the most common cases we have highlighted to give you a more comprehensive idea of the pros and cons of each choice, starting with the first: selling your home free of intermediaries.


Here are the 15 questions you should ask yourself in order to verify your selling strategy and its actual chance of success without intermediares.

  1. Do I know the real estate market in the area where my property is located?
  1. Do I have the ability to analyse the technical data and qualities of my property in order to produce a detailed and objective valuation?
  1. Could my status as an owner, who has lived a few or many years in the property, be a circumstance that makes me insufficiently objective in assessing my property?
  1. Do I know which elements of my property I need to analyse with regard to town planning, land registry, mortgage, legal, tax?
  1. Am I able to produce an excellent presentation of my property, with professional photos and a detailed, multilingual description?
  1. Am I able to record external videos with aerial shots, and 360 degree interiors of my property with professional cameras?
  1. Do I know the meaning of the term ‘home staging’?
  1. Do I know where best to advertise my property among all online and offline channels that address the international market?
  1. Am I able to perceive how the market is changing and adapt the promotion of my property to these changes?
  1. Do I know exactly how to answer a potential buyer who asks me questions on urban planning, cadastral, mortgage, legal, tax matters?
  1. Am I able to respond to an international buyer who has a different approach to buying than an Italian one and does not speak my language?
  1. Do I dispose of a database of contacts to whom I can immediately offer my property?
  1. Do I have the possibility to check my performance compared to other properties on the market?
  1. Am I able to advise the buyer in order to formalise a purchase proposal with all the necessary guarantees?
  1. Am I able to protect my interests with all the necessary guarantees in the context of a delicate and important legal transaction such as a preliminary purchase and sale?

You can begin now to test the effectiveness of your sales approach by checking your answers to our 15 questions. 

How many of these issues were you aware of and did you know how to solve? 

On how many of them can you claim to possess the required expertise? 

This is what is included in the real estate services fee: the acknowledgement for the execution of all the specified tasks, for the skills and abilities that each professional acquires and improves with experience, for the resources that are invested in order to achieve the goal with the best possible result.

Now that you are acquainted with all the advantages of entrusting a sales assignment to an organised and experienced structure, continue with the second part of this guide:

Great Estate Sales Assignments – The My Agent Service.

In this article, we will explore together the differences between a free and exclusive mandate and you will discover what the My Agent service offered by Great Estate is and how it is structured.

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