Lower bills with greater energy effience.Families could save 31% of their bills

Lower bills with greater energy effience.Families could save 31% of their bills

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Edited by Antonio Maprosti

The recent findings of a regional energy audit have been presented in Milan. They are based on an energy audit campaign promoted by the Lombardy Region, the Province of Milan, Milan Anaci (The National Associations of Condominiums and Real Estate), Infoenergia with the technical assistance of Econdominio who specialise in energy efficiency solutions for condominiums. The analysis, made in 2013 and reaffirmed in 2014/2015, was based on a survey sample of 100 buildings. This suggested that the ‘carbon footprint’ could be reduced by 23 tons of CO2, equivalent to about €11,431. Each family would then save around 31% on their energy bills. According to the research, carried out in the Milan area, each condominium consists of an average of 32 units, most of which are heated by mains gas or diesel generator which produces more energy than is actually required. Within these apartment buildings, families pay their share for the whole building and do not have the ability to independently regulate the temperature within their own apartment. The savings are calculated on the basis of implementing 10 simple energy efficiency
improvements in the home. This then not only offers energy savings to the families who use them but also bring work to local companies who can carry out the work. Small jobs that guarantee energy savings for everyone, not just the environment.

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