Coronavirus – the Italian real estate market situation and some tips for the Russian buyers: investing in the luxury properties in Italy

Coronavirus – the Italian real estate market situation and some tips for the Russian buyers: investing in the luxury properties in Italy

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We all are going through a very particular period which will surely leave an indelible mark in history. By analyzing the current economic situation on its complex and, in particular, of the real estate market, the experts will talk about its consequences for a very long time.

At this moment (April 2020), the work of our agency has absolutely not stopped. Instead, it is precisely the contrary: we activated all our on-line resources in order to build a stronger customer loyalty by focusing all our knowledge and positive attitude in the research of this “non-standard” new work caused by these special conditions.

By reading this article, you will have the possibility to discover how our Smart-Working goes on and get to know the opinion of our CEO, Stefano Petri, about the current situation of the Italian real estate market.

Indeed, right in this moment, our professionals are actively working for:

  • The update of our database of clients;
  • The elaboration of the new requests (that keep coming to us despite the current situation of our country);
  • The research and analysis of new and interesting real estate proposals according to the concrete requests of our clients;
  • The organization of conferences via Skype and of Virtual tour in our properties. Through these activities, we share our screens with our buyers, showing them so the videos of our properties, commenting together our 3D Tours, providing them with further information (not present on our website) such as the indicative position of a property, its surroundings, the services around, etc.;

Moreover, we also offer our technical and legal consultancies on the purchasing process in Italy and the documentation needed to our Russian and, more in general, to all our international clientele.

In this way, when all the borders will be opened back, our clients will be ready and, after having visited in person a property, they will be more convinced about the purchase of a specific property than another.

However, there is a question that affects many people: to date, how convenient is the investment on a property in Italy? Why?

These days, I am noticing an increase of this interest from the Russian clientele. The reason is clear: because of the events connected to the Russian Federation’s political panorama, considering the next referendum, the lower oil prices and the currency fluctuations, people with a certain capital are intending to preserve it.

One of the more secure ways of preserving your capital consists of its investment in luxury properties in Italy too. Their prices will probably suffer a decrease, but with very low percentages if compared to other investment possibilities that, in addition to their higher risk factor, are also more exposed to the currencies changes.

Moreover, everybody know that Italy is a “brand” country which does not need any advertisement to make its strengths, historic-cultural heritage and natural wealth become famous.

The Italian real estate market, especially the luxury sector, is one of the strongest in the whole world. For this reason, it represents an excellent way for both diversifying your investments and investing, for example, in a property into remarkable areas as Tuscany, Umbria, the Como Lake – all very requested by tourists. In this way, you also give to yourself the possibility of entering your new home into the international rental market, obtaining so an income or, in any case, the mitigation of the maintenance costs.

For its part, the Italian Government guarantees to both the national and international investors the highest security on the money invested.

To conclude, I would like to remember that, at this moment, when the majority of the citizens all over the world have to stay at their homes, we – the professionals of the Great Estate Group – have a lot of time to dedicate to our relationships with you, to agree your preferences and select together with the most interesting real estate proposals.

This period of “forced closure” in our spaces proved us, once again, the importance and the value of living in our own homes, with some spaces outside and located in an amazing countryside where time seems to have stopped, where harmony and peace reign, and where no pandemic seems to exist!

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