Our Agent Chiara Pompili tells us about selling “La Loggia Pievese”

Our Agent Chiara Pompili tells us about selling “La Loggia Pievese”

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Last February 13th – the sale of a nice farmhouse in Città Della Pieve has been made official. “La Loggia Pievese” has been purchased by an Italian couple, excellently advised by the GE consultant Chiara Pompili (also a key player in the sale of “The Gem Of Sarteano”). Chiara tells us that…

I met the buyers of “La Loggia Pievese” in our office in the wonderful main square of Cetona.

They are an Italian couple currently working and living in Rome, who already owned a lovely property between Umbria and Tuscany for some time: that’s the reason why, since they already knew and grew fond for these places, we’ve immediately pinpoint the area within which the research could be focused.

The buyers have officially conferred me a “My Agent” assignment (click here to learn more about it).

Anyway, the research phase was very fast because there was an amazing synergy among us and through this synergy we were able to narrow down a list of very interesting properties, each one for its own features and always considering the clients’ needs: within the list, there was the perfect house for them, “La Loggia Pievese”.

At the very beginning of the research, the clients were uncertain on the type of property they would have liked to buy, or, in any case, the type wasn’t something to tightly stick to.

In fact, the first selection was a sort of mix among townhouses and farmhouses (we’ve also viewed properties like”La Vasca Del Principe” e “Podere Buonumore” for instance).

There still was a “conditio sine qua non”  which had to be absolutely fulfilled: the property size. The size had to be suitable to host not only the two of them but also the rest of their family, children, and grandchildren above all.

While talking and thinking things over with my clients, I understood that the range of action could be extended to the town of Citta Della Pieve, in Umbria.

It was right in Città Della Pieve that we have seen two properties: a spacious apartment with garden and a farmhouse of the right size, “La Loggia Pievese” indeed (find out more about the property here).

I still remember the first positive impression felt by the clients during the first visit to the farmhouse: as soon as we got out of the car and close the door behind us (and when I say we it’s because I was actually feeling this amazing vortex of emotions!) we found ourselves within a stunning scenario, with olive trees, authentic countryside, and views all over our beloved Tuscan hills.

I personally believe that the choice made by my clients has finally headed toward “La Loggia Pievese” because it essentially had all the features they were looking for:

  • Ideal location, close to the center and the facilities, in the countryside but not secluded;
  • The unquestionable panoramic views overlooking Cetona mountain and the Tuscan hills nearby;
  • The perfect size: a not too big farmhouse but more than enough to host the whole family;
  • Last but not least, the price of “La Loggia Pievese”, which was perfectly aligned with the market value and therefore truly captivating (read here our articles on this subject).

The property will be used as a holiday home and when I say “home” I mean the word to be intended in its most absolute sense: a refuge from the city life and a place to share with the whole family.

As far as the negotiation is concerned, I have to say that everything went smoothly even though in the final phase we’ve run into a small delay to gather a part of the house technical documents that, for several reasons, wasn’t ready yet. This led to the need to postpone the closing date.

On this aspect, I’d like to thank my colleague Giacomo Buonavita, seller’s agent: he perfectly handled the situation, with professionalism and honesty, contributing to a super-efficient team play.

A special thanks has to be addressed to the seller, which was beyond cooperative.

This event offers me the opportunity to make an appeal to all our seller and, generally speaking, to all the people who are approaching to their house sale.

It is of utmost importance to listen to the advice of your dedicated professional.

It is essential to follow all those advices coming from who, like me and the other Great Estate consultants, daily deal with this matter: Recommendations aiming to the thorough check of the house documents so that, whenever needed, it might be possible to anticipate and to fix eventual issues without risking to affect a possible negotiation.

I’d like to address my final thoughts and my most sincere compliments to new owners of “La Loggia Pievese”, feeling that happiness that you only can feel when, through your own work, you have somehow contributed to the writing of a new chapter on the book of someone else’s life.


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