Salvatore Valese, the next real estate agent of the Network, presents us Great Estate Formia

Salvatore Valese, the next real estate agent of the Network, presents us Great Estate Formia

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Our interview to Salvatore Valese, the real estate agent who is going to join our network and who will deal with the area of Formia, Lazio, for the Great Estate Formia project.

Welcome Salvatore, can you tell us something about yourself? What do you deal with?

Good morning. I am a real estate agent since 2002 and I deal with the area of the border between Lazio and Campania, up to Napoli. I own two offices, but I am also the CEO of Mq2 Immobiliare Srl, created in 2009.

During the years, I made a lot of experience in this field and this helped me a lot to manage the work in these amazing areas.

I took a degree at the International and the Diplomatic Relationships University of Naples. Currently, I am attending the law one: I think that, for a real estate agent, it is very important to know regulations too.

How did you meet Stefano Petri, the GE CEO?

I met him because of architect Aversario, who is another specialist included in the Great Estate Formia project.

We arranged the first meeting in your office in San Casciano Dei Bagni, where we had the pleasure to meet some GE professionals and visit your offices too.

I am very excited about that: Great Estate clientele typology is something new for me because I usually deal with residential properties only. I truly consider Great Estate Formia an adventure.

Let’s talk now about the meeting held among Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga, please.

We organized this meeting in order to consider the possibility to open a “multifunctional” office right on the spot, a place where professionals of the real estate, legal, financial, insurance fields will be together.

I think that the Great Estate Formia location choice has been really strategic: the Pontino coast is a great point of interest for national clients coming from Rome, as well as for the international ones.

What does the Great Estate Formia project be?

The Great Estate Formia project comes from the idea of making a real professionals team owing to a unique office available to the client who is willing to purchase his/her new amazing home.

In this way, it will be possible to optimize time and to enjoy all the possible pre- and post-sale services needed. So, international clients will surely find Great Estate Formia a really efficient and useful solution too.

To the real estate agent’s accuracy, there will be one of other specialists too.

Who are the protagonists?

The protagonists of this Real Estate Network will be, in addition to me, the engineer Ferraro and architect Aversario, who will deal with the post-sale services. 

There will be also an accountant, a lawyer, a financial and insurance adviser.

Why did you choose Great Estate among the many real estate agencies of the area?

Great Estate is an on-rising real estate group.

It has access to the national and international most famous portals.

Stefano Petri has a very open mentality and was able to take full advantage of the potentialities of our territory.

There is still a great work to do for Great Estate Formia, but the marketing investment, the professionalism with which the client is managed, the properties in our database and the quality of the offered services are all features which a really few agencies can offer and that makes Great Estate be on the top of the rank.

In the past, I had to refuse different franchising offers of many real estate agencies: the fundamental difference stands on the person or people behind a project.

Great Estate organization is excellent and we are ready to keep increasing together.

Which kind of property can you propose in your area by entering the Great Estate Network?

I believe that there is about 20% of prestigious properties to be possibly added to the Great Estate database. 

According to Great Estate standards, villas on the sea, farmhouses and new buildings will be online soon.

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